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Dec 23, 2009 01:40 PM

Anchorage Korean/asian grocery

Does anyone have a recommendation for a good asian grocer in the Anchorage area?

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  1. New Sagaya will probably have everything you need. They have two locations - midtown and downtown.

    1. Ditto on that! Oh! Go to the BIG ONE!!! I drive 3.5 hours from Kenai just to go there. And don't forget to take home pre-marinaded Kalbi just waiting to jump onto your grill or dive under your broiler!!

      1. New Central Market over on Northern Lights (between C and Arctic) is THE Korean/Asian market you seek. You'll quickly notice that Koreans mainly shop the two Korean markets and not Sagaya's. You'll also find folks at New Central Market that actually know how to cook Korean dishes. So they hook you up with the right ingredients and recipes. The place is packed with food treasures. I go for their kimchi!

        1. New Central Market is where Asians go for their groceries. Sagaya's is for those looking for a $4 Latte and a $6 piece of cake. I often see the owner of Sagaya's shopping at New Central Market!