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Dec 23, 2009 01:22 PM

Kosher Wedding

Hey All,

I'm planning a kosher wedding for around 200 guests and I need it to be in NYC, Westchester or Brooklyn. The wedding needs to be glatt, however, few of our guests are frum or religious at all. We want to spend around 150/175 a person including everything. Does anyone have any places in mind? I never thought it would be so hard!


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  1. Mazel tov!
    Does 'everything' mean 'catering hall, food, and alcohol,' or 'catering hall, food, alcohol, flowers, band, photography, invitations, etc.?'

    1. I didn't look in the city, but I did search in Westchester and found it difficult to find a catering hall that would accommodate a kosher party. I preferred not to have to use an outside caterer for logistical reasons. If you are willing to check out Long Island, there are a several nice places there to do a kosher wedding, for at or under your budget.

      1. Would you consider Staten Island or New Jersy for your wedding?

        1. If you could come to the island (Long Island that is) The Sands and Schick catering is having a special of $50/pp. Problem is that they require a 400 person minimum. So you could invite another 200 people and still come under budget. Worst case scenario is to bring 200 guests pay for 400 come under budget and bring home one heck of a doggie bag :)

          This post will show you what you get

          1. I just posted here about a wedding option that I saw advertised in the 5 Towns Jewish Times