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Kosher Wedding

Hey All,

I'm planning a kosher wedding for around 200 guests and I need it to be in NYC, Westchester or Brooklyn. The wedding needs to be glatt, however, few of our guests are frum or religious at all. We want to spend around 150/175 a person including everything. Does anyone have any places in mind? I never thought it would be so hard!


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  1. Mazel tov!
    Does 'everything' mean 'catering hall, food, and alcohol,' or 'catering hall, food, alcohol, flowers, band, photography, invitations, etc.?'

    1. I didn't look in the city, but I did search in Westchester and found it difficult to find a catering hall that would accommodate a kosher party. I preferred not to have to use an outside caterer for logistical reasons. If you are willing to check out Long Island, there are a several nice places there to do a kosher wedding, for at or under your budget.

      1. Would you consider Staten Island or New Jersy for your wedding?

        1. If you could come to the island (Long Island that is) The Sands and Schick catering is having a special of $50/pp. Problem is that they require a 400 person minimum. So you could invite another 200 people and still come under budget. Worst case scenario is to bring 200 guests pay for 400 come under budget and bring home one heck of a doggie bag :)

          This post will show you what you get http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/5685...

          1. I just posted here about a wedding option that I saw advertised in the 5 Towns Jewish Times


            1. I got married at the Mamaroneck Beach & Yacht Club-they have a separate kosher kitchen but use their in house caterer, and I believe they are under the Vaad of Westchester. The price wasn't super cheap but I'm pretty sure it was much lower than the max you specified. Good luck.

              1. are you looking for an outside ceremony?

                1. Try the Doubletree Hotel in Tarrytown. They have a kosher kitchen and many glatt kosher weddings.

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                    Made a dinner at the doubletree - DISORGANIZED!!!! I wouldn't go there again if they paid me!

                  2. Speaking of kosher weddings...

                    Does anyone know of a "rustic" location and/or an inventive glatt kosher caterer who focuses on locally grown produce, for an October wedding (ceremony is not outdoors), kosher wedding in the New York Metropolitan area, that will cost around $120 per couple?

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                      When you say $120/couple, do you mean caterer+location, or just caterer? If it's the former, I highly, highly doubt that you'll find much of anything, because if there's a kosher caterer that focuses on locally-grown food in the NY area, I have yet to hear of it, and it'd be a high-end niche product.

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                        The $120 is just for the catering. We were looking at summer camps, arboretums (outside of NYC), etc., and while there seem to be locations, we haven't come across any caterers that focus on locally grown edibles. We have this insane notion that a wedding party for a hundred and twenty folks (or thereabouts) shouldn't cost as much as a down payment on a house, but we seem to be in a minority.

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                          Here are two posts by Leah Koenig at The Jew and the Carrot about her search for a local organic kosher caterer for her wedding. It sounds like she ended up having to find the produce herself and deliver it to her cater, but she also mentions a caterer that could have done local kosher organic for a smaller sized wedding. If there aren't enough details in her posts maybe you can email her and see if she can offer any more advice.


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                            Thanks for the suggestions. We will check it out.

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                        Did you look into the Isabella Freeman Jewish Retreat Center in Falls Village, CT? I went to a beautiful wedding there although it is certainly "rustic" - they have their own organic farm on the property of which I am a member of their CSA. They also have some newly renovation accomidations there. A beautiful setting. Look them up on the web.

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                          Thank you for the suggestion, and yes, that was actually my daughter's first choice. There were two problems: one was that there were no Sundays available in the month the couple wanted to be married in; and two was that it was much more expensive than anticipated (which made "one" moot (or vice versa)).

                      3. Your best bet for pricing is to do it at a shul - Bet Am shalom in White Plains is beautiful!

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                          I know. My son and his fiancee (now wife) were married at Oceanside Jewish Center (there is a beautiful outdoor chuppah area for smaller weddings, or the side lawn if the wedding is larger and an outdoor chuppah is desired). It was beautiful and relatively reasonable. However, this couple wants a less formal ambiance.

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                            Woops, sorry, not Oceanside JC, but Hewlett-East Rockaway JC. Also, I believe the caterer is not the same one who was there at that time.