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Dec 23, 2009 12:06 PM

Chinese in Westchester

Hi, I am looking for a suggestion on very good Chinese food in lower-mid Westchester, preferably on the west side of the county. I have yet to find somewhere decent. Looking to go tomorrow (Christmas Eve) night. Thanks!!

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    1. re: Shawn

      Seconded on Aberdeen. The best authentic Chinese restaurant in the county (IMHO).

      1. re: ltlevy

        A place on Gramatan in Mount Vernon that isn't Spring Asian. I don't have the name, I went to Spring Asian (not bad) by mistake, and they are supposed to be excellent.

        Bao's is good, Aberdeen is so-so.

        VERY good in Westchester? I have not found it yet.

        1. re: anonymouse1935

          It is Yoshino Asian Fusion. I agree very good sushi and other food but it is not strictly chinese, more japanese and other asian.

    2. Or Central Seafood next to Best Buy in Hartsdale.

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      1. re: Westjanie

        Haiku/Bronxville is pretty good, but the dishes are not the same ones normally seen in Chinese-American restos. But they use nice, fresh ingredients and the place is very pleasant.

        Penang in Greenwich, CT, just across the border is excellent. Worth the ride.

        1. re: menton1

          There are now Haiku's in Mamaroneck and for the OP, White Plains, probably a bit closer.

      2. Where did you end up going? I agree with Aberdeen and Central Seafood (seafood panfried noodles). Also, Hartsdale Garden in Yonkers (live crab e-fu noodles)- this is the new and cozier home of the former owners of Central Seafood.

        1. Oishii in Mt. Kisco is where it is at. In WP Aisian Temptation is good too.

          1. Thanks all. We ended up just getting crappy take out from a place that our friends like, next to Staples on 119 in Hartsdale. Will definitely try Aberdeen though.