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Dec 23, 2009 12:03 PM

rehearsal dinner suggestions - crystal city and beyond

Howdy folks,

I unfortunately only stumbled across this board today; having recently moved away after years living in Arlington, I wish I had seen it long ago!

I'm getting married in Crystal City in May, and I need to plan the rehearsal dinner. Ideally, we would like to be in Crystal City, but anything metro accessible (probably on the VA or close-in DC) could work as well. We have several out of town guests who won't have cars, so anything else would be tough, but we could arrange car pools if we really needed to because the restaurant was just too good.

We expect 40 people at the dinner, and we had targetted $40/person all-in, estimating 2 drinks per person. I know this is pretty limiting, and we could probably squeeze that number up some, but $60 would be a hard, hard limit. Getting under $50/person would make things much better off.

MIL doesn't like Indian food, and 1/4 of the family is of Hawaiian/Asian decent, so they aren't fond of "American" chinese food. Other than that, no cuisine restrictions.

Thanks very much for any advice!

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  1. That is a pretty tight budget. There's a free trolley now that runs to the river on King Street from the Metro station, so pretty much anywhere in Old Town will be accessible for your group. Finding a place to host 40 is the harder part. I'm sure that Union Street Pub could handle the crowd. Overwood has a private room that holds about that many (N. Lee - American food) and La Bergerie (French, nicely prepared but a bit on the boring side) has a room that holds up to about 60 people and will work with you on a menu.

    1. Maybe check to see if Jaleo has a way to accommodate that many people? I know someone who had their wedding there...and you can probably swing it for less money (unless they have a minimum).

      1. If you can have the rehearsal on a Thursday instead of a Friday/Saturday, it can be done for less at a lot of places.