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Dec 23, 2009 11:13 AM

I 95 corridor Chrismas help!

Our family will be traveling from south of DC to Florida on Christmas day and I will need at least two feedings. Obviously hoping to find an OPEN non-chain, but if anybody knows a decent place to eat not too far from I95 please be forthcoming! Thanks

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  1. You might want to do a search on here, as this is a frequently asked question. You'll probably have to make some phone calls to see if who, if anyone, is open on Christmas.

    1. This link gives options in Raleigh. About 40 min. off of I-95. Most of these options are not a quick dining option.

      Perhaps the local newspaper of the towns you will be at during your hunger hours will have similar listings.

      1. Tum Tim a great Thai place just north of Brunswick, Ga exit will bw opwn fri.

        1. My experience driving south on 95 on Christmas day is that even many chain restaurants are closed, and the stations and bathrooms are jammed. Seriously, I would pack a lunch.