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Embarrassing Frozen Foods You Always Keep on Hand?

I always, always maintain at least one box of Stouffer's Macaroni and Beef in my freezer at all times, in preparation for some kind of "emergency" scenario that never seems to come. In fact, when I get down to one box, I never eat it, because then I won't have any more. There is also almost always a freezerburned Tina's "Red Hot Beef" burrito rolling around in there somewhere.

How about you? What embarrassing frozen delicacies won't you admit to keeping on hand?

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  1. How about you? What embarrassing frozen delicacies won't you admit to keeping on hand?
    Don't you mean what you will admit to?

    Frozen Veal Patties....reminds me of my youth
    Frozen Chinese Dumplings.....

    Speaking of my youth....I wish they would bring back those Buitoni Frozen Pizzas you dropped into your toaster......not a toaster oven.

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    1. re: fourunder

      OMG Fourunder!

      I swear i was just talking to my brother about the Buitoni Toast-R Pizzas!

      Werent they the BEST??
      There is nothing like them around - they has such a specific taste...and texture...mmmmm

      God you cant go back.

      I always have frozen fries in my freezer.... I used to always have frozen soft pretzels too - but they never lasted long - as I would eat 'em if I had 'em....so sadly that had to stop....

      1. re: NellyNel


        Not so crazy afterall....am I?

        1. re: fourunder

          God you have some memory F!
          I'll never live it down.....

          I'd kill for one of those pizzas right now!!

          I forgot about Pierogies - I used to always have them as well...

          1. re: NellyNel

            Just trying to keep it fun.....you're a good sport.

    2. Totino's Party Pizzas
      Lean Cusine Meatloaf Dinner (reminds me of 1970's meatloaf TV dinner)
      Corn Dogs
      Toaster Strudel in Apple Cinnamon

      1. generic frozen waffles. There is nothing like the joy on a toddler's face when you hand them an entire frozen waffle, it tastes good, is a funny shape, and the cold helps with teething.

        1. Pierogies...when a carb craving hits, how can you top potato wrapped in pasta?
          Microwave for 5 minutes, drain, hit with a little butter and smoked paprika...

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          1. re: BeeZee

            I prefer to make my own pirogies but I always j keep a box of frozen pirogies during the winter months because they are a great addition to a bowl of chicken soup.

            Do fish sticks and tater tots also count as non-chowish frozen foods.

            1. re: Kelli2006

              mom will be over tomorrow with the pierogies shes been making for weeks now as Christmas is the only time we treat ourselves to the not frozen kind. Either way, we boil them and then saute in butter and onions - my mouth is watering

          2. Fish sticks. Even though, between letting the oven preheat and the amount of time they take in the oven I could have made something fresh,it works on those nights when I can't face the idea of cooking or getting take-out. We have them so infrequently, the Offspring thinks they're a big treat.

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            1. re: rockycat

              I forgot about fish sticks. I have a bag of those too.

              1. re: rockycat

                Me three!

                And I really miss Stouffer's beef stew. Doctored up with dill and a little bit of wine it was a decent meal on nights I didn't feel like cooking.

              2. Frozen taquitos from Costco. My kids microwave them for afterschool/before sports snacks.

                Most of the other stuff is not embarrassing but the number of unlabeled mystery foods is a little alarming.

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                1. re: tcamp

                  Taquitos -- Si! Si! I get mine from TJ's, and some of their guacamole to go with them. Fix some black beans and there's dinner.

                2. I'll fess up to a freezer rack full of Lean Cuisine four cheese pizzas, fettucine and similar items for my teenager to eat when she gets home from school.

                  We also keep a box of orange chicken (from Costco) in the house for "emergencies". All we need to do is add rice to this one, and it is really as good as anything you can take home from a chain Chinese restaurant.

                  Finally, a box of terriyaki bowls. Again, from Costco. These have terriyaki chicken, rice and a few pieces of carrot and brocolli. DH is inclined to nuke these when I am not home to cook.

                  Other than that, I keep some frozen peas for paellas and fried rice, a whole lot of frozen mozzarellas, frozen leftover chicken cutlets, and left over uncooked bacon and ham for omelettes.

                  1. Ice cream and puff pastry for desserts ( I have a huge sweet tooth!) I'm also nearing the end of a year of free frozen 32 oz. Asian dinner entrees (Kahiki Brand, the result of a recipe contest win :), with a delivery every month. I'm almost embarrased to open my deep freezer in front of people; its stocked to the brim!

                    1. I love tator tots. I wished that I could make them homemade, but I don't think they would be the same.

                      1. my freezer is totally filled up right now with all sorts of holiday specials (not sure why, because they are not typically "holiday" things but they were all on sale so i stocked up).
                        poblano chicken queso
                        chicken spinach artichoke dip
                        vegetarian samosas
                        portobello mushrooms puffs, and their spinach/tomato cousins
                        sweet potato fries
                        unsalted butter
                        (these are all store-brand so my whole foods/central market/farmer's market friends would turn their nose up for sure.)
                        i'm single, so this will all last a good long while...

                        a few lean cuisines for work "lunch emergencies", where the caf is closed and i don't have a lot of time and money for lunch.
                        they are pretty carby flavors, and/or mexican.

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                        1. re: dinaofdoom

                          well those sound delicious to me...... you can invite me over for those veggie samosas and fries anytime, lol

                          1. re: kubasd

                            i guess that since they are "grocery store brand", most people lump them one rung lower than other products.
                            but whatever-- my tummy is happy.

                        2. Don't always keep 'em on hand, but I do love Totino's frozen pizzas and Chung King mini egg rolls. And back when they still made them, I used to love Patio's six cheese enchilada tray.

                          1. The freezer at work always has a stash of frozen bean and cheese burritos. As the work week trudges on I find I need something more rib sticking and savory than granola and yogurt or oatmeal. As an added bonus there is always a community jar/tub of salsa in the fridge to eat with it. At home bagel bites, pot stickers, white castle cheese burgers, mini corn dogs and lean pockets. My freezer doesn't work so great; however, my ideal freezer would have many of the treats posted.

                            1. Breaded chicken fingers? not embarrassed about it since i love them :)

                              Garlic bread baguettes.
                              Perogies, frozen cheese ravioli/tortillini

                              Puff pastry - always!

                              1. Store-brand frozen tater tots. I like them sooo much better than the Ore-ida kind.
                                Stouffer's Mac and Cheese.

                                And as fourunder mentioned, those Buitoni frozen pizzas were a staple in my grandparent's freezer when I was a kid. I do miss them (the pizzas I mean, Grandma and Gramps are still around)

                                1. My husband is addicted to sugar-free Cool Whip so I always have a couple of tubs in the freezer.

                                  1. I always have a lot of frozen Weight Watcher dinners in there - I take them to work for lunch. I just can't resist the convenience.

                                    1. Stouffer's French Bread Pizza. Some nights that's all I can manage, and that's all DH really wants.

                                      1. Trader Joe's frozen mashed potato (disks)

                                        1. Hey dinnercraft, don't want to hijack the thread, but have you noticed a change in the taste of that Stouffers mac&beef? My wife and I used to love it , but a couple of years ago they changed the flavor (changed the box at the same time). The new stuff is just not as good. You notice anything?

                                          We did write Stouffers to express our opinion, got a form letter back and a couple coupons.

                                          We've been trying to duplicate the original recipe at home, and can't quite find it. Any ideas?

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                                          1. re: rudybaga

                                            We are living outside the country right now, so it has been a couple of (very sad) years since we last tasted Macaroni and Beef. I am in a hotel room in the States right now, and will go buy a box to try out.

                                            Otherwise, no, I have been trying to develop a recipe for our website for a while now, and haven't come up with any reliable facsimile. Probably because we don't have any xanthan gum on hand. :)

                                            1. Steak-Ums for quick lunch/snack. Got addicted to them in high school.
                                              Fish sticks from Costco.
                                              Frozen cod from Trader Joes

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                                              1. re: Honeychan

                                                Crispy Crowns, which are basically real short Tater Tots. The ratio of crunchy-outside to tender-inside is much more felicitous than their taller cousins. Eaten dipped in mayo/horseradish/ketchup sauce.

                                              2. Stouffers Spinach Souffle, and Corn Souffle when I can find it

                                                1. Stouffer's chicken rigatoni dinner and chicken kievs. I work a couple of nights a week and those are two things the guys can cook on their own, besides leftovers.

                                                  1. Lean Pockets in a couple different flavors - usually pepperoni and chicken and broccoli. Frozen waffles. The local grocery store sometimes offers a 10 for $10 special on random food stuffs, so I tend to buy in bulk and freeze random things. I currently have excessive amounts of pita bread and hot dogs in the freezer.

                                                    1. Those no-sugar-added fudge pops, at about 40 calories each. Totally processed, totally fake, yet I love them.

                                                        1. Tater tots, Mrs. Ts potato and cheese pierogis, frozen soft pretzels, and Eggo waffles.

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                                                          1. re: jeanmarieok

                                                            oh, mrs. ts pierogis, i love you so.
                                                            i don't always have these on hand, but my waistline thanks me for this.

                                                            1. re: dinaofdoom

                                                              I used to buy Mrs. T's, now get the big ole bag from Schwans... sorta embarassing as I live alove :)

                                                              1. re: rozz01

                                                                you should not be embarrassed by your pierogi love.

                                                            2. OMG, White Castle cheese burgers...never know when a hangover cure is needed.

                                                              1. I have a thing for lean pockets and frozen white castles....

                                                                I'm not proud of either

                                                                1. Frozen eggplant parm (2-3 rounds per box).
                                                                  I defrost them, place inside an Italian roll, top with cheese, foil wrap and bake for 10 minutes. Love that quick fix. When the brand goes on sale, I load up.

                                                                  1. i always keep frozen veggie burgers (prob not really embarrassing), pierogies and pizza in the freezer.

                                                                    as well as shrimp and fish sticks for quick tacos.

                                                                    taquitos are the best but i never buy them due to cost.