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Dec 23, 2009 10:51 AM

Duck Proscuitto or Duck Bacon

Anyone know a grocery store that sells either of these items? I asked Pusateri's and they do not.

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  1. Have you tried the healthy butcher? They might have it.

    Duck Proscuitto is pretty easy to make if you have 2 weeks.

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    1. re: Kooper

      try Brandt's the German store in Etobicoke! we had some excellent smoked duck "prosciutto" from there

    2. There's a line of quebec products that sell thinly sliced smoked/preserved duck that is available at Taste of Quebec in the Distillery, or Butchers on Yonge and Sheldrake. this line also includes deer, bison and some other game animals. You should call first to see if it's in stock.

        1. re: Apprentice

          You might want to check with Cumbrae's on Bayview...they may carry it.

          1. re: Apprentice

            I saw a similar 'line' (Maybe the same one) BEFORE Christmas in the Sobey's on St Clair (east of Yonge) - but not there right now - it wasn't a 'bacon' but thinly sliced duck and bison - also confit of duck, and duck foie). The foie and confit seem to be a regular line, but the others (same brand) were new items.

          2. Although I haven't yet been to Taste of Quebec (awesome lead, btw!) you might want to try there. Quebec is crazy about their duck and I know of a number of places in MTL that sell nothing but local, provincial duck by-product. So that might be a reliable option...

            Pleas let us know what you find there.

            1. Black Angus butcher on Lakeshore Road just east of Cawthra Road in Mississauga carries this...and it is fabulous.