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Dec 23, 2009 10:48 AM

Christmas Pudding Emergency! (MSP)

This is my first post on chow, and it of the utmost importance! Every year my family gets a christmas pudding fron Irish On Grand, but this year they are out. Yikes! Does anyone know where I could acquire this Christmas necessity?! Byerlys and Rainbow carry small ones, but I am looking for a larger size. Help!

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  1. Not very difficult! I was out at Waitrose today and there were loads of there are in all Sainsburys, Tesco, Asda etc etc etc

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    1. re: benhalterci

      that would be stellar advice, except that i am in minneapolis, and have no access to those stores....and i wouldn't buy an asda one, even if my xmas depened on it. :D thanks, tho :D

    2. gosh. i don't know. & i normally wouldn't respond and just guess, but it seems like you're hangin'.

      bakeries to call, if money is no object: salty tart, rustica, a baker's wife.

      i would call kowalski's and the wedge. also call-- *sigh*--cub, and perhaps everett's foods. i'd also consider how to present several small byerly's puddings festively, as a last resort ;-P

      non-intuitively, i'd also consider calling patel's-- that's right, the indian grocer on central ave, etc. weird things happen with colonization and religious holiday traditions. there is a possibility they may have a pudding.

      anyway i hope someone who has a better idea than i might respond to your post! good luck!

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      1. re: soupkitten

        thanks much for the suggestions, soup. i hadn't thought of patel's, tho i am there quite often. looks like my mom got a couple byerlys puddings as a backup. hope we can top that ;)

      2. Wuollet Bakery makes Christmas puddings. Their website says they are $37. They may have limited hours on Christmas Eve...I didn't see any info about their holiday hours on the website.

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        1. re: Quince

          $37 is a small price to pay to have the experience of dousing a dessert in alcohol and lighting it on fire :D Thanks for the info, quince! I shall give wuollet a shout in the am. I knew my chowhound community would help me out!

        2. The original comment has been removed