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Dec 23, 2009 10:45 AM

Are there any UK specific cooking forums or online communities?

It seems most (like this one) are US, and I am finding a lot of the information about cookware is not relevant (I've lost count of the times I've searched for a recommended brand and it isn't available in the UK!).

So was just wondering if there are any big cooking community sites in the UK?

Mods please delete if this is not allowed.

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  1. Well I live in Turkey (am home in UK for holidays now) so that is even less relevant to me! Can't find about 90% of the stuff they mention on these boards but you can always adapt I suppose. The trouble is that if you google any name it...the most posts are from the US. I think it's because the internet probably started there and everyone is online.

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      I use the bbc and waitrose sites, plus a lot of the good UK blogs eg foodstories, worldfoodieguide, eatlikeagirl - they all have links to lots more. Nigella and deliaonline aren't bad either. That's for recipes mind...but sure you could post questions about kitchenware and they'd be answered.

    2. There are a number of food boards in the UK - most are mainly recipe based and, as Helen B mentions, often centred around TV cooks' websites.

      Chowhound is very north American orientated - even on the UK/Ireland board it is mainly for tourists and ex-pats (and even then , mainly just about London). In terms of cookware, you might find the UK boards of to be more useful than here. It splits the UK/Ireland threads into two sub-forums - dining and cooking - which means that threads don't get hived off away from a UK/Ireland based contributor group.

      In terms of Chowhound's use to UK users, it's a matter of picking through the general topics threads and trying to interpret what's meant or just sticking to the very general threads (which is what I tend to do as I find there are just so many threads I can't relate to)

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        1. egullet seems to have a large UK section and quite lively UK discussions ... I check there when I'm heading over to my company's head office.