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Dec 23, 2009 10:20 AM

Beso Las Vegas

Going here for dinner last night with friends. Not our choice, but I want to know what other chowhounder's thoughts are on it? Thanks!

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  1. I avoid anything and everything of Todd English.

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    1. re: SDGourmand

      BESO is NOT A Todd English place, it's Eva Longoria's new diggs inside City Center' Crystals mall complex.

      1. re: someyoungguyy

        She partnered with todd english to open this one and the one in LA.

        1. re: someyoungguyy

          Yes, it's Eva Longoria Parker's place... But guess who's in charge of the kitchen?

          Todd English!

          So I'll have to second SDGourmand here.

          1. re: atdleft

            Yes exactly. Not like Eva is a better selling point.

            1. re: atdleft

              I know someone who's worked at Beso since prior to opening. He said Todd English has never spent a minute working in the kitchen....but he certainly was on the red carpet at the opening! I'm not sure why someone would lend their name to a venture and not care about the outcome. Beso is not on my list of restaurants to visit.

          2. re: SDGourmand

            Same here. After the gawd awful food I experienced at Olives, I just have a hard time imagining myself paying top $$$$ at any of his restaurants again.


            And btw, John Curtas (IMHO the best food critic in Vegas) wasn't too happy with the grub at Beso.

          3. The food at Beso is good, but it had the worst service of any restaurant I've eaten at in Las Vegas. Yes, I know the first few months of any new restaurant are difficult, but when you charge $40+ an entree and your bill is over $300 with alcohol, then the service needs to deliver or I will eat at a better restaurant down the street for less. My guests were incredibly upset and will never eat there again, but I'll go back in a few months to see if they've worked through the first month jitters.

            1. We ate at Beso during our recent trip to Las Vegas. We thought it would be a good experience based on the menu and the ambiance. We were very disappointed. The restaurant is loud and unimpressive compared to similarly priced restaurants in Las Vegas. The pictures on the Beso website make the restaurant appear much nicer than it actually is. It took our waiter more than 10 minutes to greet us and take our drink order, and it took about 15 minutes after he took the order for him to return with our drinks in hand. After all of that waiting, two of the drinks were wrong and he forgot one of the drinks. Our food was mediocre and too busy with spices and garnishes. Our waiter did not pay any more attention to our table after our meals were served and we had to ask another waiter for refills on our drinks. The experience was not a good one and certainly not worth the money. We could have had a better meal and better service elsewhere. We won't return to Beso and we recommend that you spend your time and money elsewhere too.

              1. I have 2 Words....HillBilly Joint.

                1. The steak (filet) was fabulous. The margaritas and friendly female bar tender was awesome. The chicken tortilla soup was served luke warm but I was so hungry I didn't say anything. I would say the flavor was great but overall was so-so, the chicken in it, over-cooked pre-cooked strips of breast meat. The chili relleno appetizer was bland and oily filled with scarce bits of meat mixed with a creamy white cheeze. It killed my stomach...ugh. Very expensive, and I am not sure I would go back. It was average at best.

                  Beso Steakhouse
                  3720 S. Las Vegas Blvd. #260, Las Vegas, NV 89109