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Dec 23, 2009 10:12 AM

Which Saute Pan?

I'm a newbie so please be gentle :-)

Which saute pan is best from these two?

The Le Creuset:
Or the Raymond Blanc by Anolon:

After speaking to both companies, the 3-ply in the Le Cruset goes up the sides, and the 5-ply in the Raymond Blanc is only on the base (so sides are stainless steel).

I went into John Lewis and had a look at both, the Raymond Blanc is a fair bit heavier than the Le Creuset, and also a little larger. They are both roughly the same price.

I can't decide - anyone got either? What do you think?

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  1. Wow, you just unintentionally started the fight of "full triply vs disk bottom".

    1. Maybe a minor point, but the copper bottom on the RB might mean a bit more scrubbing if you want to keep it nice and shiny.

      1. If the weight doesn't bother you, I would go for the slightly larger and heavier Raymond Blanc. for no other reason than the extra handle....this will be very useful when you use the brazier in the oven. If you plan on pan frying a lot with this pan, then I would suggest the one with the higher sides.

        1. If induction cooking will be in your future at any time, the copper will be a problem. Otherwise, just consider which size is best for you and I'd check the maximum oven temperature. The saute pan should be able to go into the oven in order to be its most useful to you and not all pans are equal in that respect.

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            The product description states that the pan works on induction hobs. I'd be curiouis to know how much copper is actually used in the base; given the price, it may so little as to be merely decorative. But regardless of the answer, my personal preference would be for the larger and heavier pan--assuming, as you point out, that it's also oven-safe.