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Help! ISO last minute Holiday dessert

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So just found out we are having Christmas dinner at our place due to a last minute family emergency. So, have all the fixings just need some assistance on direction to a bakery or something to get dessert! Maybe a unique dessert, I don't have the time or I'd make a Harvey Wallbanger or rum cake. We are in the Long Beach/Belmont Shores area but will travel not too far, any recs??

Thank you & Happy Holidays!!!

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  1. In your area, I'd run over to the Bake 'n Broil and pick up a pie or cake. More delicious than unique.

    For others willing to go further afield, try the great pies and cobblers at Mommie Helen's ( www.mommiehelensbakery.com ) in Colton. If you read the recent Wall St. Journal piece about them, you know the place can be a madhouse around the holidays, so plan accordingly.

    Bake 'n Broil
    3697 Atlantic Ave, Long Beach, CA 90807