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Dec 23, 2009 09:16 AM

Where to buy short ribs...a lot of short ribs!

Due to a family member suffering with a terrible back this Christmas, my fiance and I are taking over cooking duties this year for about 30 people. We estimate 2-3 short ribs per person so we'll need to buy a pretty good amount. Does Costco sell short ribs? If not, any ideas where we can buy them in larger quantities? Thanks all in advance!

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  1. Costco/Sams would be my first stop, but also try HMart or any other large ethnic grocer around you. I've gotten 5 lb containers of them at my HMart in the past (and at a considerable discount from Safeway).

    Good luck!

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      Awesome. Thanks a lot for the H Mart tip. I didn't even think about that.

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        Definitely go the H-Mart route. I just got home, totally fried, from trying to do a little fill-in shopping and pick up some foodie gifts (I buy most of my Christmas gifts at the grocery stores).

        People are crazy out there today. I've never seen this much gridlock or full parking lots. It's like Black Friday and The Day After Christmas together. I gave up on Balducci's and settled for Total Wine and Artisan Chocolates, both rather civilized. But even Safeway and Giant are nutso, and I'll bet it'll be worse tomorrow as more people get dug out.

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          Yeah, since everybody was snowbound last weekend, they've got to jam it all in tomorrow. Yikes! Today was bad enough.

          I actually prayed over my shopping cart:
          "Dear God, please, please, let this be everything I need. Please, God, don't make me have to come back to this crazy place tomorrow. Help me to remember anything I have forgotten, Lord! Thanks, God! Amen"

          So far, it looks like I'm OK. I think I might have to go to Eastern Market for another pineapple since I may have to make more Ambrosia than I expected, but Eastern Market on the day before Christmas is actually sort of fun even when it's nuts.
          Merry Christmas!

    2. Hmm, don't know where you are, but Ceriello's at Belvedere Square had prime beef short ribs just yesterday. They were nicely meaty and marbled. They might have enough for your needs, but they were about $8 a lb.

      1. I always buy mine at the local latin market. The big ones are in the butcher case. Don't bu the prepackaged ones in the refrigerator case. $3.49/lb and just as good if not better than any other market in quality. I buy twice what I need, and grind half for hamburger meat.

        1. H Mart and Grand Mart in the Falls Church/Fairfax area always have lots of short ribs in the butcher case.

          1. Had to brave the crowd at Costco, for other things, and ended up getting the short ribs there. They were choice ribs, $3.99/lb., decent marbling, and turned out pretty well. Next time I will definitely go the H Mart or Grand Mart route and bypass the nightmare which is Costco.

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              Sorry to be tardy to the party but annother place fro cheap short ribs is the wholesale market on florida avenue (capital city market). you can get all kinds of meat cuts there.