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Dec 23, 2009 09:01 AM

Huge Armenian/lebanese/Persian grocery superstores in the Glendale/Pasadena/Burbank area

Irvine is popular for huge variety Persian grocery stores like Super Irvine & Wholesome Choice.

Which are the huge variety Armenian/Lebanese/Persian grocery stores in the Glendale/Pasadena/Burbank area? I don't need a run of the mill grocery store but more like a super store that houses lots of middle eastern specialties.


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  1. The two that we enjoy are:

    Super King Market
    2716 North San Fernando Road in Los Angeles

    Golden Farms Market Plaza
    6501 San Fernando Road in Glendale

    Each has its own personality. Both have lots of produce at good prices and deli counters with a variety of feta cheeses and other assorted items.

    We find the parking a hassle at Super King, but the produce section offers a lot of variety.

    1. Lately I've been going to Golden Farms Market Plaza, 911 Justin Ave, Glendale - it's on San Fernando Rd. and Justin, up close to Burbank. It's huge, diverse and quite remarkable.

      I also like Sunland Produce, 8840 Glenoaks Blvd. Sun Valley - just north of Burbank off the 5.

      I used to like Super King, 2716 N. San Fernando Rd. - just east of the 2. But lately I think their quality has declined. Also, the parking lot is enough to make you a screaming maniac, and the unruly crowds inside likewise.

      1. Super King may be the best grocery store for reasonable produce in all of central Los Angeles--that's why the parking lot is a madhouse. Try going during off hours.

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          there are no off hours at super king.

          1. re: linus

            Early morning, if you shop fast.

        2. I second Golden Farms which, in addition to the above specialties, has Russian and Latin American products and favored produce, plus Indian and Filipino specialties. I almost bought a two-liter bottle of Kvas, then remembered I had no fridge-space, plus no clue what it was, but the drawings of Russian monks on the label drew me in. Don't overlook the frozen foods case with tamarind paste, fried onions, pierogi, Mashti Malone ice cream. Amazing assortment. The jams and the canned bean array are also fascinating. It's such an L.A. synthesis, we call it Blade Runner Market.

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            I totally agree with you on Golden Farms! I want last year, while visiting family, and had a day to kick around. Driving down San Fernando Rd, I saw this place, and just had to stop, not even knowing -what- was there. Lots and lots of unique things, well laid out and the whole place was clean, clean and CLEAN! The meat market was impressive, as were all the spices. I was also surprized at all the Russian offerings, Indian and Filipino as well.

            Blade Runner Market! I love it, it now has a new name for me! Thanks for the laugh!