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Dec 23, 2009 08:41 AM

Any way to incorporate sweetness into bread dough?

I was trying one of the Artisan in Five recipes, for chocolate bread. I made a batch of the dough and put most of it in the fridge but baked up a small chunk, and I find it to be lacking in sweetness. At this point the yeast bread dough has been together and sitting in my fridge overnight -- is there any way to incorporate more sweetness at this point into the dough itself? Maybe honey, or maybe if I liquefy some sugar in water? I can't think of a way to get it evenly distributed though, and also can't figure out how to avoid messing up the flour-liquid-yeast balance.

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  1. No, it's a PITA to try to add a flavoring to dough that's been kneaded and proofed. It's barely doable and a lot of extra work trying to distribute the flavoring evenly. If you add more liquid, then you have to adjust the flour ratio, etc. I made bread one time and forgot the salt. Hoo-boy, what a bummer. Bake it off, put something sweet on the bread, chalk it up to experience and adjust the formula for a sweeter dough next time.
    I've found that yeasted chocolate breads made with cocoa are not very sweet, anyway, not like a quick bread or a sweet dough.

    1. with the artisan bread recipe you won't be able to incorporate sweetness at this point but you could probably stuff the dough (like you would a stromboli) with some nut, jelly, raisins, craisins or cheese filling and roll the dough into a log making sure to pinch or fold the ends under. Maybe an egg wash mixed with heavy cream to soften and sweeten the top and maple or honey butter to spread on it or some kind of sweet curd.

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        Thanks for the suggestion, folprivate. That's a great idea -- and it's exactly what I'll do.