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Dec 23, 2009 08:12 AM

Banaboia - Fantastic service, great food but why the wine markup?

Just moved to the area and was very happy to see a licensed restaurant in the immediate area.
Last week my girlfriend and I not wanting to go home and cook after a grueling day being out and about decided to give Banaboia a try.
You couldn't be made to feel more welcome, warm and homey decor, I wish more Toronto restaurants were like this, like more Portuguese restaurants, beautiful bread with olives, a soft young cheese, olive oil and butter. I ask for a wine list, there is no wine list because they are currently updating it, I can see their reds all in a row (even though we are opting for the bacalhau we want a light red because it's cold outside). I notice one of my favourite cheap and cheerful that I pick up at the lcbo sometimes, Alandra, it's $8.00 on the shelf, I don't bother to ask their price, after all, how much can it possibly be. I order the Bacalhau a Vianense, roasted salt cod with sauteed onions on top in a tomato sauce surrounded by homefries, my girlfriend orders Bacalhau Cozido, plain and simply poached salt cod (both $18.75). We're loving it, portions are massive even to Portuguese standards, we wished we had a bowl of soup, maybe a started then split a main, we'll do that next. Only real complaint, they could of pin boned the cod fillets. Other than that, perfection! I had an espresso after, the best I had in this new neighbourhood of ours and at $1.95, I haven't seen that on a restaurant bill since 1999.
The only real bone I have to pick with Banaboia is their wine mark up. The Alandra red came to $29.95. Yes I should of asked and I have only myself to blame but still, that's a near 400% mark up!

501 Rogers Rd, Toronto, ON M6M1B4, CA

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  1. Ol Cliffie was just there the other day. Had a half liter of the house white for under $15, so regardless of the brand, can't complain about that. Oddly enough, you were there in 09 and they still haven't gotten that list up and running.
    It was my third attempt to try to get service there and finally, got past the door. First time, they didn't do take out, second, no "just desserts" customers. Even though Ol' Cliffie loves his espresso and brandy.
    Thirds a charm, had the Lobster, not bad especially for $30! My companion had the sea bass and it was amazing! Whole, grilled on the bone, best way in my opinion. Ol' Cliffie just found it a bit odd that we were the only ones in the dining room and my companion at first wanted a starter with a side of rice and veg to make a main course. All three of these were on the menu but our host wouldn't allow it.
    Great food, great price, nice ambiance but a little more accommodating please, Banaboia.

    501 Rogers Rd, Toronto, ON M6M1B4, CA