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Dec 23, 2009 06:44 AM

In search of Mangosteens...

I'm in search of Mangosteens and wanted to know where I might find (preferably) fresh ones in SF (ideally) or the Bay Area. Can I locate them fresh this time of year (since they are imported)?
If not, does anyone know where I might find them frozen?


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  1. on Sunday I noticed that the shop at 772 Jackson St in SF Chinatown had mangosteen and rambutan. I didn't buy any so can't speak to the actual quality or price. But they both looked really good and I think they were fresh.

    Here's an old post on this shop.

    1. They have mangosteens at the produce store on 22nd and Irving.

      1. Saw them in Oakland chinatown last week.

          1. I saw them at the Ranch 99 in Mt View last week, ~$6/lb