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Dec 23, 2009 06:07 AM

Carrot Bisque?

My local gourmet supermarket used to serve a delicious carrot bisque as part of their hot foods bar. Velvety, smooth, creamy and delicious! I have a bunch of carrots at home and want to attempt the recipe but I can't seem to find too many recipes that would emulate the taste i'm looking for. I don't recall there being any curry flavor in there which a lot of the recipes online seem to have. Probably just some mix of butter, cream, carrots, onions, and chicken/veggie stock.

Can anyone help me?

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  1. Not having tasted the soup you're referring to, it's impossible to say, of course -- but the ingredients you mention will make an excellent soup. Vegetable puree soups are just so insanely easy to make and virtually impossible to mess up.

    Try searching recipes for cream of carrot soup or potage Crécy instead of using "bisque." That word didn't used to mean just any soup of a creamy consistency, as it's pretty much used exclusively today.

    Epicurious has one from Bon Appétit that uses white beans. I've made that in the past and enjoyed it. Pass it through a food mill or a fine-mesh strainer for that silky texture.

    1. I make a carrot soup that though it had no cream, is very creamy (go figure) slice about 3 cups of leeks, saute in butter/olive oil, then add 3 cups of sliced carrots, saute then add about 6 cups of veggie broth, simmer for 30 min or so, puree ( Ilike to leave some carrot chunks) server hot or cold with fresh dill garnish.