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Dec 23, 2009 05:53 AM

Oyster Boy - open or closed?

Any one know if Oyster Boy has shuttered? BF and I passed by on the streetcar and he says the window is papered over. I have called but there's only an answering machine, even during the hours they're supposed to be open.

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  1. doubt it, blinds were down but no paper.

    edit: just wanted to add something more definitive than "doubt it. i know a few people close to the owner and if he was anywhere near closing i would have heard by now. There may have been some private functions and i know they suffered the loss of a staff member recently.

    1. Walked by last night during business hours and the lights were off...

      1. My last stop (if you could call it that) by Oyster Boy was a turn off.... I was there about a half hour prior to opening time to buy some bulk oysters. I have done this a few times before without incident. There were 2 people by the cash, so I knocked, they opened the door and turned me away saying I'd have to come back in 30 minutes.... really? 30 minutes? I went to Rodney's.

        I know I'm opening myself to flame posts as they weren't 'technically' open, but would it really be that hard to throw some oysters in a to-go bag? I have even rounded the bill before to make it easy on change if the till isn't ready. It's not like they had to prep the oysters.

        I have only eaten in there once, but the food was not good enough for me to make a return trip. They do have great oysters at a fair price, hence why I was there to grab some. Too bad Diana's wasn't closer.