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Dec 23, 2009 05:45 AM

Best bets for a Saturday brunch in Raleigh/Durham/Cary/Chapel Hill

I may posting a topic that has recently appeared. I know there are several Sunday Brunch places, but how about good bets on a Saturday. Saxapahaw General Store I already know about. Can anyone suggest others and maybe items they liked or didn't like?


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  1. On Saturday's I tend to wind up at Coquette in Raleigh a lot. Technically, they only have brunch on Sunday, but a number of the same items are offered on Saturday too. They have outstanding quiches, which are tall, light (not light in calories I'm sure), and delicious. I think that they also serve crepes on their regular Saturday lunch menu, so you can carve out a brunch-esque menu.

    1. La Farm in Cary does some great breakfast/brunch items on the weekends. Not necessarily the fanciest atmosphere, but the food is good.

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          Dim Sum at Hong Kong on Guess Rd, Durham.

        2. We miss Neomonde so much. I always had a sampler platter of tabouli, hummus, lentils, stuffed grape leaves and pita bread. My sons liked their sandwiches and desserts. My husband liked their kabobs. Everything they serve is fresh and so delicious. We always brought home hummus and fresh pita bread.

          1. I've gotten quite fond of Tonali's Saturday brunch. Really imaginative food, not very expensive (mains around $10-12), and very nice folks too.

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              Despite it's reputation we would never wind up at Tonali's because the girl doesn't like Mexican (be it Tex Mex or taqueria despite me saying they are different worlds).