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Dec 22, 2009 09:36 PM

help! need kid-friendly dinner spot near sheraton hotel for tomorrow!

hi fellow eaters;

we're new to seattle and when we go out to eat we always find ourselves in the ID or up Aurora for Korean ... so feeling a bit lost for tomorrow when we're supposed to meet a friend and her 7 year old daughter (along with mine) for dinner after seeing the gingerbread houses at the sheraton hotel near westlake. any thoughts? my kid will eat anything, but her friend is a bit pickier.

thanks for any and all suggestions!


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  1. While there are a lot of places around there, most are chains. If you think her friend might be up for it there is a new Blue C sushi right down the street which could be fun as they can watch the conveyer belt go around.

    If you wanted to go a little more upscale there is a Benihanna's right near there and kids usually have fun, but you would need a reservation

    and of course there is always Cheesecake Factory which is across the street and up a block. It is not what people would usually call a Chowhound site, but in this area it might be your best bet. Have fun.

    1. There's also Dragon Fish down the street - that's kind of fun. I haven't been there in a while, but they used to do some cute bento boxes. There is also the Icon Grill - not my favorite place, but they do have a kids menu and some dressed up standard options (for picky eaters) like spaghetti and meatballs and mac & cheese. If you like Greek inspired, you could check out Lola. I usually go at lunch and haven't seen a ton of kids there, but it's a pretty casual resto, so I imagine you'd be comfortable there with kids.

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        thank you so much for your suggestions ... i'll push for the blue c sushi option and see if they go for it. again, thank you for your help.


      2. If you don't mind a chain, Todai is good for kids because they charge by height, it's instant gratification, and a wide range of offerings.

        Todai Restaurant
        600 Pine St Ste 403, Seattle, WA 98101

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          This is probably too late for you but for future reference try the Purple Cafe & Wine Bar. They have a special kids menu. An associate of mine took his young daughter and she was thrilled by the "milk flight" (samples of caramel, chocolate, strawberry & regular milk). And food for grown ups is very good.