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Dec 22, 2009 07:45 PM

Guy Savoy Las Vegas PreTheatre Menu --- thoughts?

Anyone tried the pretheatre menu offered and Guy currently? Priced extremely well compared to the regular options. Would love any feedback from someone whose tried it.

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  1. I have not done the pre-theatre menu itself. I have had a number of the items offered on it though.

    The artichoke with truffle soup is a legendary dish. I'll likely order it everytime I dine at GS. The oyster in ice gelee was also quite good as is the monkfish. The lambshank offering sounds quite intriguing.

    I personally think that the $98 price is a steal for what you get at GS. There will be multiple amuse courses and an endless supply of interesting and delicious breads from the bread cart. The dessert trolley has many selections including freshly made ice creams. You won't walk out hungery. You may have trouble staying awake during the show. The service at GS has been 5-star on both of my visits.

    If you enjoy high-end dining experiences then the pre-theatre menu at GS is a prime opportunity to enjoy it at a reasonable price. Careful though, wine prices there are through the roof.

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      thanks, I'm going to have to revise our plans if I wish to include that one. We are staying at the Wynn, so I have Botero, Sinatra, LeCirque (for duck for my husband) and Alex. Which would you cut ???

      1. re: lorishea87

        You are very French heavy with GS, Alex and LeCirque. Alex is my favorite restaurant anywhere. It doesn't have the over-the-top glitz that GS has, but it offers a unique 5-star Vegas experience. Chef Stratta is in cooking you dinner while Guy Savoy is off in Paris somewhere.

        I have not been to LeCirque. I'm not sure I'd go there just for duck though. If you call any of these places ahead of time and tell them you want duck, they would gladly accommodate you. I've been wanting to try the Peking Duck tasting menu at Wing Lei. Sounds like you're staying at Wynn so that may work out for you.

        Sinatra has great food in a beautiful venue. If you enjoy osso bucco give theirs a try. Another unique Vegas experience.

        Botero is a very good steakhouse. It's more of the modern version of the steakhouse which has really taken hold in Vegas with places like Craftsteak, CUT, Stripsteak, etc. By this I mean modern interiors, creative apps and extravagent breeds like Wagyu and Kobe in addition to the regular USDA Prime. Botero is not your grandpappy's steakhouse with the fishbowl martinis, wedge salads the size of your head, sides of beef and 6 inch thick cheesecake. What about the lava cake that flows over the side of the plate?

        You may try to squeeze Bar Charlie in there somewhere. Creative seafood focused menu may round out your menu a little better. It's quite an experience!

        1. re: climberdoc

          Yes, I was thinking the same thing about the French-heavy theme.... I think I'm being swooned by all the deals at the high-end places right now. We had a fantastic dinner at Tableau before the chef moved to Botero, so we really wanted to go there. I don't care for duck myself, so the Peking duck tasting won't do, as we both have to order. But thanks for the suggestion on calling ahead for a duck request. I appreciate your input, I've seen your posts often and respect your opinions!