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Dec 22, 2009 05:33 PM

Beyu Caffe-- Durham, NC

This cafe opened in downtown Durham in the last week or so. It is down the street from Toast, Whiskey, etc. I have gone there for lunch two times now with various colleagues so I thought I'd provide a report. First off, this place is gorgeous! Nice views out of the glass fronting the cafe, a nice mix of comfy sofas and chairs to sit in, as well as tables and chairs-- the place has a nice modern yet comfy vibe. The first time I had the oyster po boy and a cup of chicken florentine soup (~$8). You can opt for a salad instead of the soup. The po boy was very tasty, the oysters perfectly cooked-- slight crunch on the outside yet creamy in the middle-- I just wished more than four came in the sandwhich (also a haiser type roll instead of the hoagie shape one thinks of for po boys). The soup was very good as well, maybe a notch below Toast's soup offerings but a good run for their money. I got a slice of red velvet cake to share for dessert. The cake itself was the best damn cake I've EVER had, moist yet dense and really flavorful. The icing was good but it was buttercream-- true red velvet requires cream cheese frosting. My coworkers got their club and chicken salad sandwiches and these were much more substantial sandwiches. If you're hungry get the club.

The second time I got the chicken salad on croissant with a ginger sweet potato soup. Now this soup was on par with anything Toast has had to offer. A coworker bought a slice of German chocolate cake to share-- oh my! My fellow hounds you have to try their cakes! I talked to the owner, Dorian, and he said they brought in a person who used to be a cook at Guglhupf to do the cooking and they get their desserts from a bakery in Greensboro. Their coffee is sourced by a roaster in Raleigh (the name escapes me right now, not Larry's Beans).

I think Beyu Caffe is yet another winner in downtown Durham.

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  1. The coffee is from Stockton Graham & Co. out of Raleigh, I believe.

    1. Thanks for the review. I'm really hoping this place will be good, as it occupies a huge chunk of retail space right in the center of Main St. I'm going to try very hard to get over my suspicion of restaurants that have grilled chicken caesar salad on their menu. I did note that the place lists the local farms that they support. I'd be interested in hearing the reviews of other diners.

      1. I went there this past Tuesday night, after dinner at Toast. I was under the impression that they did their baking on premise, so it's a little bit disappointing to find out that the cakes come from an unnamed bakery in Greensboro. They should give a shout out to the baker, imo.
        I had a small Espresso Royale (shot with chocolate and whipped cream) that was good, and a slice of the NY cheesecake. The cheesecake was perfect; not too sweet but light and fluffy. My friend had the German chocolate cake and while it also was tasty, it wasn't a true German chocolate cake. The yellow cake slice tasted like really great wedding cake, nice and rich. The tiramisu also was very good.
        I am mildly disappointed that they are going with Stockton & Graham for coffee. I work with coffee every day myself, and in my opinion, there are better roasters and sourcers of beans in the area. But the Beyu is a great place nonetheless. Lots of comfortable seating, a full bar, a modest dinner menu and lots and lots of coffee drink time I will try lunch or dinner there, though it will be hard to skip Toast as I really like their owners.