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We need WEGMAN'S!!! (And how does it compare to Fairway?)

Okay, I'm tired of reading the arguments about the local supermarkets - what we REALLY need in Fairfield County (and preferably close to me and the heck with the rest of you!) is WEGMAN'S!!!

Now I know for a fact Wegman's is way better than anything in my neck of the woods (Stop and Shop, Stew's, Caraluzzi's, etc.) but I must admit I've never been to Fairway...

Anyone who knows both want to weigh in?

And anyone who's been to Wegman's and thinks we need one in this area, speak up...maybe we'll get noticed????

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  1. I've been to Wegman's in Fayetteville (Syracuse), NY and liked it. But not as much as I like Fairway, and Fairway has much lower prices.

    Wegman's has great selection, quality items and upper end of supermarket pricing. Here in Fairfield county we get enough high priced groceries, we need top quality at competitive prices, something Wegman's wouldn't bring to the market.

    1. Have been to both quite a few times. Wegman's is a really nice supermarket. Fairway is a very nice specialty store, but it is a bit difficult to negotiate. Both are way better than our sub-par food emporia. Most of the country has better food-shopping options than we do. Maybe the cost of doing business here is too high for the razor-thin margins of large-scale food purveyors?

      1. I have been to Wegman's in the Baltimore and Philly areas. I've been impressed every time. I've never been to a Fairway, so I don't know how it compares, but the sheer size and selection at Wegman's is just unbelievable. They have the most extensive and delicious hot case - certainly better than anything I ever ate at Stews.

        I doubt Wegman's will ever come to Westchester or Fairfield unless they really scaled themselves down. There just isn't the space for one.

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          I have been to both Wegman's and Fairway. Wegman's is probably the closest comparison to a Fairway in terms of selection and service, however Fairway beats Wegman's on freshness of produce and quality of meat and seafood.

          As far as space, Wegman's could have gone in the Harbor Point location where Fairway is going, which is 80,000 square feet. Not exactly a small store.

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            Until Fairway came to Paramus i was hoping that Wegman's came to Bergen county Shop-rite and Kings do donot have the quality produce for the same price as Fairway. Wegman's is great especialy their hot food buffet but for kosher, new york city flavor and produce Fairway has it beat. These is no choice in northern new jersey wince the closest Wegman's is in Princeton. I don't think Wegman's would stand a chance in direct competition . Fairway has the best produce and the lowest priced Kosher meat and food in the area. I hear Teaneck butchers are feeling the hit. My vote goes to Fairway

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              Actually...there are Wegman's stores in Bridgewater and in Woodbridge.

        2. I love them both.. but very different stores. Fairway is a smaller store, more specialty items. Wegman's brand products are usually insanely cheap- it's a great store for stocking up on everyday items as well as specialty stuff.

          Wegman's and Fairway both have good produce. Wegman's is usually cheaper on specialty items- raspberries out of season, shiitake mushrooms, graffiti eggplant, artichokes. For dried fruits and nuts, Fairway has freshly packed bulk items, as well as bulk bins. Wegman's has some bulk bins.. but not as much of a selection and not as much turnover.

          At the Wegman's I go to, they have a whole back area with bulk items. Large packages of toilet paper, water bottles, tissues, and boxes of 100 calorie packs.

          I guess it depends who you're shopping for..

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            I don't expect a Wegman's in Westchester anytime soon, and until Fairway is built, it looks like ShopRite will be giving Stop and Shop some competition on Palmer Ave. in New Rochelle.

            Is ShopRite a decent store or just more of the same?

            1. re: anonymouse1935

              Shop Rite is a regular grocery store. My choices in Brooklyn are Shop Rite and Stop and Shop.. but I prefer Shop Rite. Much more variety, lower prices, better produce. Lots of Shop Rite's brand name items are good. I regularly buy their beans and canned tomato items, as well as the dairy products. They have a wider selection of Kosher store brand products than Stop and Shop.

              The Shop Rite in my area has a huge kosher department.

          2. "We need a Wegman's" seems to be irrelevant if Wegmans doesnt have distribution channels in place in the NY Metro Area... Fairway started with a local store in manhattan, expanded to a much larger store in Harlem and worked on the model for about 5-10 years before expanding further into Long Island, Brooklyn, Jersey, and has bigger expansion plans on the horizon.

            As much as I loved Wegmans when I went there in Ithaca, it may not have such plans on the table, and if they do, it would have to include warehousing, trucking, and partnerships that would take years to develop. You cant just plop a massive store like that with fresh products in the middle of a new market.

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              They're in New Jersey. They've expanded south (through Pennsylvania into Maryland and Virginia) and are heading east from NY into Massachusetts.

              Personally, I don't care if they skip NYC...just want them here in Fairfield County!

            2. YES.. we need WEGMAN's in WESTCHESTER!!!!
              My kids went to Cornell in Ithaca and Wegman's is the best! We shop at Fairway every week and Wegman's is better. Please come to Mt. Kisco, we need a great grocery.

              1. As much as I love Fairway, I'd give it up in a second if Wegman's came to NYC.

                Last time I was in the Wegman's on Rt.9 near Manalapan NJ I asked the manager why they can't come to NYC. He claimed it was a question of space, that they can't find spaces with enough square footage in the city. I can count off at least a dozen Home Depots, Costcos, and other big box stores within 20 minutes of NE Queens. Surely Wegman's doesn't need more space than those stores.

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                1. re: Missyme

                  Wouldn't Long Island make a lot of sense? There's a decent amount of space in Suffolk, particularly in the middle of the Island, and I would imagine some prime real estate would open up if The Source ever tanked (which is quite possible).

                  1. re: RoleModel

                    To a point, you're comparing apples and oranges. Wegman's is an excellent, full service (and complete product line) supermarket with generally excellent produce, prepared foods tailored to the demographic base of the specific area, superb fresh fish, and a first rate meat dept along with a full line of staples and organic products. Fairway's produce is amazing. It's prepared food is also excellent. But it doesn't have the wide selection of staples and non-food that it would need to be a one-stop shop.

                    We live in northern Essex county, and with the closest Wegman's in Woodbridge and the closest Fairway in Paramus, we have made more than one trip (30 min +) to Wegman's on numerous occasions; we have yet to check out Fairway because dealing with Paramus traffic sucks. I have shopped in both the Harlem and the upper West Side Fairway many times in the past.

                    If I was given the choice, I'd opt for Wegman's. But that is obviously a personal choice.

                    1. re: stevenb30

                      May I suggest everyone who wants Wegman's email the company and tell them so?


                      I just did. Hope we are successful!

                      1. re: mrsdebdav

                        I grew up in Western New York and now live downstate, grew up on Wegmans, now go to Fairway- I have asked the Wegmans mgt in person and writing several times, and I think they have no plans to expand down here. bummer

                        1. re: mrsdebdav

                          I have been emailing Wegman's every year since 1998 (when I graduated college and had to leave Rochester). They always respond very politely and say that they have no plans to expand to my area (Rockland County). This upsets me because they are in the Metro DC area and in NJ.
                          I love them and besides their selection I love their customer service. Their people are always polite, friendly and helpful. It must be because they are consistently voted one of the best places to work and they treat their people very well.
                          I have an unhealthy love for Wegman's....

                          1. re: HungryRubia

                            Hi Hungry,
                            Share and feel your pain.
                            If only Wegman's expansion plans were based on customer love instead of fiscal prudence!

                        2. re: stevenb30

                          Beware of something too Big! Wegmans is so big I question the freshness of their products. I worked for a dairy that supplied artisanal cheeses and found most of them in the store old or out of date. What ever happened to "Small is Beautiful". What about eating locally, regionally. You want warehouse prices, go to big box stores and expect warehouse items. For real quality go to small markets and establish a relationship. Couldn't this work in Fairfield?

                    2. And the winner is.... FAIRWAY!!! Much lower prices, and better quality in several areas, including dried fruits and nuts, on-premise bakery, deli, and cheese. Fairway, hands down.

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                      1. re: menton1

                        Have ou been to Wegmans? I'd say they are equal to Fairway in dried fruit and nuts quality, but larger selection. Equal on premise bread baking, but better on premise dessert/muffins/doughut quality and selection. Equal deli. Fairway has better smoked fish. Wegmans has better quality/selection of prepared food. Wegmans has in-house chocolates, Fairway does not. Seafood - equal. Meats - Fairway. Cheese - Fairway.

                        But all in all, Wegmans is the equal of Fairway in quality in many areas, but has a huge selection the equal to a large supermarket. So I give the edge to Wegmans.

                        Too bad I don't have one within 150 miles -- so I'm happily stuck with Fairway.

                        1. re: sbp

                          Fairway prices are 10-30% lower than Wegman's. BIG Edge= Fairway.

                          Dried fruits? Nah. Fairway HANDS DOWN. I once asked in Wegman's if they have Pruneax D'Agen (French prunes) and they looked at me with a blank stare.

                      2. According to a front page story in the latest Fairfield County Business Journal, local commercial real estate agents report that Wegman's is scouting FFD county for possible location. The company denies it and says it has no plans to enter the Metro NY market, but is looking at Mass..

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                        1. re: louuuuu

                          so who do we believe....The FCB Journal or the Wegman's denial? I'm hoping the crack reporters at FCBJ are correct! Thanks for the tip...

                          1. re: hungrykids

                            I would imagine if Wegmans was interested, they won't want to reveal their cards so early.

                            1. re: RoleModel

                              Especially if they're shopping for Real Estate.

                              1. re: louuuuu

                                I emailed them recently asking if they were coming to the area and said they have no plans to expand in this market....boo!

                        2. I think Wegman's has union-busting issues so it's had difficulties expanding into Democrat-heavy markets. Anyone know for sure?
                          Wegman's is a fun place to wander around but the prices are high, in my opinion. I do like their natural foods and international section, but I'm not sure they're much more extensive than a mega-Stop and Shop. The prepared food is better at Whole Foods, and about the same price. In all I prefer our area's mix of markets and I love the new mini-Whole Foods. I'm getting sick of mega-markets in my old age and hate wandering all over creation to find what I need.
                          But if would could get the CT laws changed so markets could have big adjacent liquor stores, as in the big Wegman's on 202 in NJ, I might change my tune.

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                            I'm not so sure about the political thing, since Wegmans is a Northeast chain, and plans major expansions in Maryland and Massachusetts.

                            Also, there is no way a mega-Stop and Shop compares. Down here (Northern VA) we have Giant, which is now under the same Royal A-Hole corporate umbrella as Stop and Shop (they now share the same logo and my understanding is that over time they will be blended into a single chain with one name, which more likely will be Stop and Shop).

                            As for pricing, Wegmans is very competitive on regular groceries. Their Wegmans brand products are very good. If you stick to the regular grocery section (and I know people who, through sheer willpower, never venture into the "fun" section of the store), your total bill will be very reasonable.

                            Overall, there is no other market like Wegmans. My only gripe is that there are now five Wegmans within 25 miles of our house, but none are close enough to be my regular market. We have a brand-new Harris-Teeter about one mile away, which is perfectly fine, but if one of the Wegmans were just a few miles closer, it would be no contest.

                            1. re: newhavener07

                              Wow, the Republicans even want to make a Wegman's opening a political matter! Lol!!

                              P.S. Re/ the prepared food at WF, the soups are made from a powdered mix. The olive bar is from the cheapest olives, and they get $8 bucks a pound. A much much better grade of olives and much more variety is at Fairway, at $6 bucks a pound.

                              The Wegman's I've been to are OK, but overpriced, and the prepared food is ordinary. The best thing I remember at a Wegmans was the Pierre Herme chocolates and pastries, but I understand those are gone now.

                              1. re: menton1

                                We get it! You don't like Wegmans! Lol!
                                I happen to love it because I love their private label and I have enjoyed their prepared foods.
                                The other thing to consider at Wegmans is their customer service. The people there are always friendly, pleasant, and helpful. They also consistently rate as one of the best places to work and that goes a long way for me.
                                I have a Fairway about 20 mins away (in Paramus); and my biggest issue with Fairway is that I cannot do all my shopping there because their prices on certain conventional items are not very competitive.
                                The other problem I have with Fairway--and this is isn't their fault. but it's a drawback nonetheless--is that I REALLY dislike the other customers there. I don't know if it's an obnoxious Bergen County entitlement thing, but the people who shop at that place are some of the meanest and most inconsiderate I have ever encountered.

                                1. re: HungryRubia

                                  "some of the meanest and most inconsiderate customers ever encountered".

                                  This shows that you have never been to the original Fairway on Broadway & 74th. MUCH WORSE. Lol!!!

                                  1. re: menton1

                                    Oh I used to shop at the original about 12 years ago when I first graduated from college. If anything, I found those customers to be just your typical aloof Upper West Siders...the Paramus people are just not nice :(

                            2. Well, I finally got to visit the Wegman's in Bridgewater, NJ today. And it is an impressive place. It's huge! It has to be well over 100,000 square feet. I really liked it. The Fairway in Paramus has been my go to food market for the past year and I was dying to see how both Stew Leonard's (got there a few months ago, loved it) and Wegman's compared.

                              Wegman's grocery section is pretty good. Prices are in line with other supermarkets, maybe a little more. The specialty sections are great, but some items are really expensive. For example, the bakery's cookies, while DELICIOUS, are about double the price of Fairway's, for comparable quality. There did seem to be a wider variety of cakes available than at Fairway, but I would say the average cake was $3 to $5 more than something comparable at Fairway. I was happy to see that Wegman's does use quality ingredients in its baked goods (cream, butter, etc.) like Fairway and unlike most of the other major supermarket chains in the area. Prepared foods were also quite a bit more expensive than at Fairway.

                              I was shocked to see that the meats at the deli counter at Wegman's were presliced! Sheer genius. 1/2 a lb.of ham please. WHAM! 1/2 a pound of swiss cheese. Wham! I was done in two minutes. Sometimes it takes fifteen minutes for me to get my meat sliced at Fairway. The deli meats I tried were quite good.

                              If I had to rank Fairway, Wegman's, and Stew Leonard's, my rank would be Fairway #1, Stew #2, and Wegman's #3, but the race is pretty close. Wegman's has some fantastic items and great customer service, but Fairway and Stew's are both significantly cheaper on most department items. I might pay a little more for toothpaste at Fairway than at Wegman's but I can get my parmigiano reggiano and cookies at Fairway for about half of the cost that it would be at Wegman's, and my hot prepared foods for about 25% less. And I can still go to the regular boring supermarket or CVS for toothpaste if I had to.

                              Shopping at these markets has convinced me that old school supermarkets like Pathmark and Stop and Shop have to be left in the past. OK, Pathmark sometimes has dirt-cheap prices on no-frills staples. Stop and Shop's philosophy seems to be provide less customer service, lower quality food, and higher prices on everything than everyone else and the masses will come! (I really can't stand Stop and Shop.) Even newer A&Ps and Shop-Rites, which are light years ahead of the typical Pathmark and Stop & Shop stores, are going to have to step up their games. A LOT.

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                              1. re: zhelder

                                I agree with your assessment of Stop n Shop. I have a small near me and I only go there when I run out of milk or need something quick. Sometimes though, I have to travel the extra quarter mile down the road because it is not uncommon for them to be out of really basic things....like thyme or parsley. And you are right about their prices...higher than ShopRite.

                                1. re: HungryRubia

                                  Shoprite for paper and non gourmet can goods
                                  Fairway for coffee, fish meat produce cheese (fresh mozerella $5.99 a pound) and a flavor of New York City shopping.
                                  The quality and freshness is almost obscene compared to the other supermarkets
                                  they are destroying some Teaneck stores with their prices on kosher products who are trying to compete with them by almost charging at cost

                                    1. re: menton1

                                      In Connecticut they would be in direct competition with Stu Leonard's which is a food institution there. It would be like putting a Wegman's next to it which wouldn,t be smart for either of them

                                      Teaneck is in New Jersey with a large Orthodox community, It is know for it's kosher restaurants and butchers etc. Fairway is undercutting them on prices. since I am not Kosher a can't comment on the quality

                              2. Do you think if we got a Wegman's in CT we would also get a DiBella's inside? Please?

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                                1. re: gothamdarkknight

                                  They recently placed a Whole Foods in the newly remodled Bergen Town Sq. Nice store but overpriced. All of a sudden Whole Foods is popping up like dandilions in a field. Over saturation in the market if you ask me. The real estate company that manages the mall said they never thought to ask Wegmans if they would be interester in locating a store there. It would have blown away the competition.

                                  1. re: bobbyc408

                                    Nice idea, but Wegman's will only consider a location with 10 times the area that Whole Foods requires!!