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Dec 22, 2009 04:49 PM

Reubens or Sandwiches in Downtown Cleveland.

My husband and I will be in Cleveland on Dec 27th for the Browns/Raiders game. We are driving up from Dayton and plan to be in Cleveland around 11:00am. Hubby remembers a place that served giant Reubens in the Downtown Area. He cant remember the name. I checked the net, and cant seem to find anything open on Sunday's. If anybody knows of such a place or can offer a suggestion to get a giant sandwich we would be happy. Also if its near the Stadium or the General Vincinity of the Flats thats okay. I think we have watched way too many food shows. We are looking for good food. He doesnt like wraps or what he calls foo-foo Thanks for helping


Go Browns.

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  1. Here's a review of corned beef in area establishments:

    You're probably thinking of Slyman's. It gets the most hype locally and it's even been featured on at least one national food show. Perhaps you called them. They aren't open on Sundays. I'm not a fan, but I've only gone once. The only other place mentioned in that article that's geographically convenient is Superior Restaurant. I don't know whether they're open on Sunday.

    I'd recommend the Buckeye Beer Engine. It's in Lakewood but it's only a few minutes out of your way. Good hamburgers. They have a turkey reuben. I haven't had it, but I'm looking forward to it. They have good soup, too. Most of the sandwiches are normal sized. That is, if you think an 8oz burger is normal. But, they do have a few giant sandwiches.

    The Notorious P.I.G.: "Struggling to choose between too much beef and too much pork? This is the burger for you. Our famous half pound patty topped with four pieces of bacon, six ounces of pulled pork in our honey mustard BBQ sauce, and garnished with a Hog Wing. The hog wing has a bone in it, but you probably don’t care. $20"

    Fatty Melt: half pound patty, cheese bacon and two whole grilled cheese sandwiches in place of the bun. I've had this. The grilled cheese sandwiches would be great on their own. And, of course, their burgers are great.

    Double Sasquatch: BBQ sauce, pepper jack, onion ring, two half pound patties. I wimped out and built my own version of this with only one patty. It was pretty good.

    They also have regular burgers topped with pork or an egg or any number of other things.

    1. It has to be Slymans, but as the PP said, they are not open on Sundays. I would STRONGLY recommend the reuben at Lucky's cafe, about 5 mins from downtown Tremont. It's very good and everything in the reuben is made in-house - they "corn" the beef, they make the bread, the thousand island, everything, and it's terrific. BUT, they are not cheap, I think the reuben is at least $12 and the place is always jam packed nowadays as it was featured on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives on FN. I would suggest calling in an order for 2 reubens to go and picking them up and taking them back to a tailgate lot. Seriously, delicious.

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        I believe that the reuben is delicious, but I really don't like Lucky's. I believe that the reuben is delicious because I've gone to a couple of their special dinners and I really enjoyed the food. On the other hand, I've had several breakfasts and brunches that I felt were pretty mediocre: ricotta crepes, burritos. One was too sweet and the other was just a little bland. I also had a bland, dry meatloaf sandwich and a bland, dry breakfast sandwich. Everything was bland: egg, ham, bread. Maybe the cheese was okay. I can't remember.

        But the reason that I don't like them is because of the meals I've had at Vine and Bean on weekdays. Totally mailed in. Just because they have less business is no excuse for the meals I've had on weekdays at Vine and Bean. Another bland, dry breakfast sandwich. Bland, not-crisp waffles buried in sweetness and topped with whipped cream that felt and tasted like eating butter. And several unremarkable items from the pastry case.

        I gave them more chances than I would ordinarily give a restaurant. I like my first couple brunches at Lucky's. Vine and Bean is nearby. They use natural ingredients. I respect what they're doing in Tremont with the learning garden and the farmers market. And they're hyped up to the stratosphere. Unfortunately, the number of mediocre and disappointing meals I've had is outpacing the number of delicious meals by just a little too much.

        I'm still not ready to discount the reuben. First of all, I don't think it's offered on weekdays. And I think it's closer in spirit to the food I liked at the dinners than the food I didn't like at the brunches.

        Lucky's Cafe
        777 Starkweather Ave, Cleveland, OH 44113

        1. re: stuart

          > I'm still not ready to discount the reuben. First of all, I don't think it's offered on
          > weekdays.

          It was on the std lunch menu three [3] weeks ago. I like suerkraut with a serious bite.
          Lucky's kraut was a tad milder than I prefer.

          1. re: stuart

            To each his own. I think their sausage biscuits and gravy is one of the best meals in the city, and I like their waffles and the airy-light whipped cream with the peaches; the dish is pretty rich and a heavier cream on it would just be too much IMO, but everyone's tastes are different. I also have had the shipwreck and really like it. Never had one of their breakfast sandwiches.

            I do agree with the poster below that I wish the sauerkraut had a bit more bite to it, it's not really "sauer" enough. But it's still a kick-butt sandwich IMO.

        2. I suggest Melt Bar and Grilled in nearby Lakewood. Only about 10-15 min from downtown. Fabulous giant sized sandwiches. You can check out their menu on line at www.meltbarand

          1. Even though it's too late, I have to agree with Stuart about BBE and Lucky's. I have had the Turkey Reuben at BBE and think that it's one of the best sandwiches in our area, especially for the price (and the fresh-cut chips that come with them). As for Lucky's, while I did find their reuben to be delicious, I was stunned when I picked one up that it cost $13.50 (it's not a very big sandwich at all, and it comes with about 1/4 cup of potato salad, not exactly a great deal). Again, while I enjoy Lucky's food, the value is not ideal. BBE deserves more credit than it receives for its food; its beer selection obviously has a good reputation (and rightfully so), but I also find their food to be top notch.