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Is there a more authentic diner in downtown T.O. than the Patrician Grill?

Went to the Patrician Grill on King Street today. I think that as an authentic diner it was quite good. Are there any others downtown that compare?

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  1. What do you mean by authentic diner? Decor, Architecture, Food? I cant imagine you will get much feedback without being more specific. However this forum has suprised me many times. Welcome to the forum.

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      Decor, architecture and food would all go towards the authenticity of the experience.

      Others that can be considered authentic would be the Senator and Good Bite (yonge and eglinton).

      Please don't include the faux diners like Johnny Rockets.

    2. Collegiate Lunch on Gerrard should probably be on your list. Also Gale's Snack Bar (539 Eastern Avenue).

      1. Avenue Open Kitchen on Camden (Richmond and Spadina) would make your list as well.

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          +1 for the Avenue Open Kitchen. Their daily specials are awesome.

          Nearby there's also Peter Street Deli on Peter just south of Richmond. Same authentic old school feel as other diners listed here. But the twist is that this one is run by Andy, a Chinese-Canadian, and his family. In addition to diner classics they also serve "Chinese" dishes like General Tso chicken, fried noodles and rice dishes, wonton soup, etc. Their daily specials are also great.

          For a modern revival, still in the hood, there's BQM Diner that has opened where the Stem used to be on Queen just east of Spadina. Although a definite facelift with all new furnishings, the layout is almost the exact same as the old Stem. So you can still experience a bit of nostalgia.

          Peter Street Deli
          126 Peter St, Toronto, ON M5V2G7, CA

          Avenue Open Kitchen
          7 Camden St, Toronto, ON M5V1V2, CA

          BQM Diner
          354 Queen Street West, Toronto, ON M5V2A2, CA

        2. Coach House on the west side of Yonge just north of Wellesley.

          Is there any part of this pic that doesn't beckon you to try?

          Coach House
          574 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4Y1Z3, CA

          1. For Ambiance, I used to love Homeway on Mt. Pleasant or Good Bite. Of course The Stem was great for decor and so was the Lakeview Lunch at one time.

            For diner food, however, the Victoria Restaurant across from St. Mike's Hospital cannot be beat.

            1. These are not food recommendations but fairly authentic diners.

              Wexford Restaurant on Lawrence. This I think is one of the oldest. Reasonable but not cheap.


              And then there is Wimpy's looking like a caricature of a diner. Note the corporate headquarters next door but one.


                1. Two right near each other: 1) Vesta Lunch at the corner of Bathurst and Dupont, and 2) Apollo 11 on Bathurst just south of Dupont.

                  Both are OLD SCHOOL diners.

                  1. Nobody else has mentioned Jim's (aka Jim's Best Westerns) on Queen E

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                      There's a place called either Olympus or The Crowbar (there have been signs indicating both over the years) at the corner of Princess St. and Adelaide. It's not open that often, usually just during the day on workdays. Used to do steady business when the presses were still running in the nearby Toronto Sun building, not sure how things are now. Very authentic blue-collar lunch diner. Had the club sandwich a couple times, very good, big portions, cheap as heck. A million coats of paint on the walls and it looks like the decor has been untouched forever.

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                        With Zoulpy's gone, I suspect Crowbar's doing very well. I've noticed that it's popular with cops.