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Dec 22, 2009 02:32 PM

Swiss or Gruyere?

I'm making a bacon quiche and a ham and mushroom quiche.
What cheese do you recommend for each, and why?

thanks so much, happy holidays!

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  1. Anything with ham shouts "Gruyere!" to me -- same with mushrooms. I'd probably go goat cheese on the bacon (and add a little spinach) just for contrast.

    You do realize that there are very few wrong answers to this question, right? You're off to a good start -- Enjoy!

    1. I think Swiss cheese is an American generic for Swiss type cheeses. I had never heard of it in the UK before I moved here. Over the pond you would ask for Emmenthal or Gruyere (which I think might be French but I could be wrong).

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        Swiss cheese in the USA is typically a large-eye Emmenthal like cheese. Gruyere is in the same family, but with small, almost nonexistent eyes. Depending on your store, you can get a variety of 'swiss' cheeses, whether the less expensive jarlsberg, Comte (very close to Gruyere), Emmenthal, etc.

        But beware that a European processed cheese (equivalent to 'american') is often labeled gruyere.

      2. I love swiss but gruyere is the best - go for it! I cook with it all the time

        1. do you want to use the same for both? gruyere is lovely for both.

          for me personally, i'd probably use gruyere for the bacon and jarlsberg for the mushroom. my "why" is simply that i like the pairing of jarlsberg with mushroom very much... gruyere is a little stronger, and i think it gets matched well by the bacon.

          but as chefbeth says, can you really go wrong either way?

          1. Another vote for gruyere, either way.

            Why not go nuts and add gorgonzola to the bacon quiche instead -- save the gruyere for the ham and mushrooms.