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Dec 22, 2009 01:47 PM

China Town in Commerce Twp., MI

Anyone been to China Town Chinese Restaurant on Welch Rd. in Commerce Twp. Michigan? Someone please tell me it's the best Chinese they've ever had! Thanks.

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  1. It's decent, Rheta. They're actually open on Christmas, which is when I first tried it a few years ago. But there are better Chinese places in the area.
    Sorry, your search is going to have to continue. Hope it's been a happy one.

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    1. re: Fibber McGee

      Thanks for your reply Fibber. So tell me, what are the better Chinese places in the area? That are open on Christmas. Tried many places including the upscale Hong Hua. So do tell!

      1. re: Rheta

        This is what I know.

        Shangri La on Orchard Lake and Maple, in the Orchard Mall. The place, specializing in Dim Sum, bets really packed failry quickly. (They're open for lunch.) This has come up on these boards a bit.

        New Mandarin Garden on Thirteen Mile, just West of Orchard Lake. I love their sizzling rice soup.

        I think Golden Phoenix on Orchard Lake just North of the Orchard Mall is open for dinner.

        You may well have tried those, already, though. IMO they're at the top for the area.

        1. re: Fibber McGee

          We got take out last Christmas from Shangi La. It was the best so far that we've found here in SE Mich. Not quite what we're used to but not bad. Maybe Mandarin Garden would be a good option. Much closer than Shangri La and certainly closer the China Town. Thanks for your replies Fibber!

          1. re: Rheta

            I doubt this would fit your bill for this trip but the Shangri La has a second location on Cass near Wayne State Univ.

            I have a few friends down there that have been going gaga over it. I have no idea how close the menu matches the Orchard Lake location but I am scheduled to hit it up in about a week and a half.

    2. It's been many years since we went there, but I always liked Lei Ting in Milford. I'm not sure if they are open for christmas, but here is there website anyway.


      Lei Ting
      525 N Main St Ste 150, Milford, MI 48381

      1. If you are willing to drive to Warren, consider Golden Harvest.

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        1. re: rainsux

          Just wanted to thank everyone for your suggestions. We ended up getting food from New Mandarin Garden. It was mediocre. Maybe a little less than that. In our opinion(me and my family's) the food was just flavorless. We've come to the conclusion there is no Chinese food near our home that will satisfy us. I guess we are just too picky! Anyway, thanks again for all of your suggestions. Happy New Year!

          1. re: Rheta

            Happy New Year, Rheta, and I am sorry you were disappointed with New Mandarin. You've never actually elaborated in what exactly you were looking for by way of Chinese in the area. What are your preferences, what are you used to that has suited your tastes, etc?
            You like heat, I take it?