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Dec 22, 2009 01:41 PM

Sacramento cuban restaurant

Just happened to drive down Watt Ave. in North Highlands and saw a place called "Sol Cubano" Cuban restaurant.
The address is 5734 Watt Ave. east side of Watt, just past the entrance to former McLellan AFB.
I am both exited and curious and wondering if this place is any good.
I intend to try it out first thing in the morning.
They open at 6 AM and in addition to breakfast they also serve the Con Leche sandwich and Cuban coffee.
Has anyone on this board been to this place?
Please share your experience if you went.

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  1. If you go there, please report back how it was. The last good Cuban I had was a friend's place who unfortunately did not last.

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      I have been to this place twice now, once for breakfast with two friends, it was good, they had one simple omelette and one with ham, cheese and onions, both came with toast and Croquettes, it was good, on the simple side.My friends that they were happy.

      I went back for dinner last night and I really liked the food.
      I took yet another friend, we shared a plate of braised Oxtails with rice and salad.
      She had grilled Tilapia, also with rice and salad, which was orignially on the menu as breaded and fried.
      The owner, who is very friendly, accomodated her.
      It was sort of like eating home style food, very comfortable.
      There is another review on Yelp. com in addition to mine.
      I am not really experienced with Cuban food, but based on what I had and what I cooked out of a Cookbook as well as comments made by other diners the restaurant is very authentic.
      The place is clean, they play Cuban music, the prices are good, I am happy...

      Gi ve it a try and see for yourself and let me know what you think.

      1. re: mausi

        I have been back a number of times, this place is a great find.
        Check on for additional reviews on this restaurant, Sacramento foodies seem to come alive there.

        1. re: mausi

          Mausi, I love braised oxtails! Thanks for the posts. What are the days & hrs open?

          1. re: hhc

            hhc, Sol Cubano is closed on Mondays as far as I know.
            Check it out, there are additional good reviews on about this place, also an address