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Aires de Colombia - White Plains

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It took me a year from the time I wrote this restaurant in my notebook to when I actually tried it, but at least I got there.

I first noticed Aires de Colombia while driving around almost aimlessly looking for Empanadas during my Empanada trek last year. I took note of it, but just didn't have a chance to try it.

I finally went for lunch today. I was alone some my samplings were small, but I was very pleased with my meal.

I started off with my must-have drink, Guanabana con leche. Man, I love that drink. I was a bit cash poor today, so I ordered a few empanadas, and an appetizer of chorizo that came with an arepa con queso.

I actually ordered two empanadas. One came out immediately and had obviously been fried before I got there. It was still very good - a fat four-inch half moon with a crunchy orange crust, filled full of beef and some potato. And unlike so many Colombian empanadas, Aires' empanada filling had a very high meat-to-potato ratio. When the second empanada came out - freshly fried, it was that much better. A great texture to the crackling crisp orange corn-based dough. At $1 each, you could easily leave there dropping only $2 for empanadas and feel satisfied.

The chorizo and arepa came next ($3). Nice sausage. Lots of flavor, a bit of a spicy kick even, in what seemed to be a natural casing. All in all, quite pleasant, if not extraordinary. Similarly, the arepa was quite good. As is typical with Colombian arepas, it came flat , sprinkled with queso fresco. The arepa had a nice slight char on the outside from the griddle, but, importantly, inside it was pillowy soft with a a strong corn/hominy flavor and aroma once you bite into it. Coupled with the quite piquant vinegary salsa they offer, it was a good meal. Including the guanabana con leche, which was $3, my meal set me back $10.

It's a nice addition to the long list of Colombian restaurants in Westchester.

Aires de Colombia Restaurant
64 W. Post Road,
White Plains, NY

Aires De Colombia
64 W Post Rd, White Plains, NY 10606

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  1. Adam, we pass by this place nearly daily and frequently said to each other, "Maybe we should try it," but tend generally not to be especially fond of Colombian food and so weren't in any hurry. However, last year some time, my husband was going out to get some takeout rotisserie chicken elsewhere, but decided to stop in there and try them. They didn't have any rotisserie, so he instead ordered two other chicken dishes to bring home. They were two of the worst items we've ever had -- chicken extremely overcooked and nothing else about them to overcome that problem. We have pointedly avoided them since, but they do seem to draw a crowd, so I guess, in line with your experience, they must do some things right.

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      Good heads up to avoid chicken. If you want Colombian chicken, go to Aqui es Santa Fe in Port Chester. They are pretty good... Though, if you are in Port Chester, then you might as well get good Peruvian chicken and one of the thousand Peruvian restaurants there.

      All I tried at this place were the arepas and empanadas. Both good. The empanadas in particular - especially if you can get them fresh.

    2. For the record, locals refer to it as La Frontera. La Fonda Paisa also on Post Rd has excellent small empanadas and great sweet salsa. Brownie on Martine also pretty good, slightly larger. Colombian emanadas are the best!! IMO

      1. This looked great, so I tried to stop by here for lunch today, and I ended up leaving frustrated. There was one guy eating at the bar, and two women working behind it; I asked for a menu, was asked in return if I wanted takeout or to eat in, said takeout, and one said something to the other in Spanish. The 2nd woman then left the bar area, went over to the jukebox, opened it up, started looking inside, and the 1st one (who'd answered me in English when I asked for the menu) went behind the bar and started leafing through her order pad; neither gave me a menu. OK, so that's a little weird, but I waited another minute or two and then asked again to see the menu, at which point she finally put one in front of me (pages in plastic inside a black binder, so it certanly looked like an eat-in menu, but who knows), which had nothing in it but $12+ entrees and beer choices. I asked if this was the entire menu, was told yes, said that I'd heard they had good empanadas, got a shrug, and left for Cancun Delights.

        So, has the menu changed? Did I miss something?

        Cancun Delights
        16 E Post Rd, White Plains, NY 10601

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        1. re: craig_g

          wow. That's bizarre. I certainly didn't pay $12 for anything there. The stuff I ordered was all under $5 (as noted above). I've only been there the one time. Interesting...

          On a side note, how was Cancun Delights? It's been a long time since I've been there.

          Cancun Delights
          16 E Post Rd, White Plains, NY 10601

          1. re: adamclyde

            Right, the whole experience was bizarre.

            I would give Cancun Delights a B+. I've been quite a few times; they give you a lot of food, and it's always consistent. From the steam table, I had their oxtail for the first time last week which was really good, but the pork often contains enormous blobs of fat that are a pain to eat around. The tortas are excellent.

            Cancun Delights
            16 E Post Rd, White Plains, NY 10601

            1. re: craig_g

              that's about my assessment with Cancun Delights. They get an F- for decor. But food is pretty good. If I remember correctly, their tongue taco was quite good.

              Cancun Delights
              16 E Post Rd, White Plains, NY 10601