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Dec 22, 2009 01:05 PM

Where to buy Al Dente brand pasta in Manhattan?

I am looking for a Manhattan store -- downtown would be swell -- carrying Al Dente brand pasta. Specifically, the Wild Mushroom Fettuccine and the Spicy Sesame Linguine.

I am not ordering online -- I'm too cheap to pay for shipping of two bags.

Here is what a package looks like (also see attached jpg):

I called the company and got names of a few stores but so far I am striking out. For example, Jefferson Market carries only the Squid Ink Fettuccine.

I feel like I've seen this stuff everywhere -- I recall the distinctive packaging -- but of course now that I'm searching for it I cannot find it anywhere.

Opinions on the product are also welcome as I have not tried it yet. This will be a trial run if I ever get my hands on the stuff.

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  1. Fairway Market has it on Long Island, so if it's not on your shelves there, they will order it for you upon request. Ditto Best Yet Market.

    I have only used their Carba Nada noodles and they're very good for low carb, especially texture wise. carries the brand and there are reviews online. ETA: I always order enough stuff in the aggregate to get free shipping, or I use amazon prime.

    1. Have you called:
      Agata & Valentina
      Grace's Marketplace?
      West Side Market?
      Food Emporium?

      1. You realize the same site you linked to has a store locator with lots of Manhattan options?

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          Yes, but the OP is looking for particular flavors. Two that I never see on shelves, for that matter, so online may be the way to go. Fairway is the only store I've seen with several flavors at once, but on Long Island space isn't at as much a premium.