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Dec 22, 2009 12:58 PM

old vanilla beans

i found some old vanilla beans, over 2 years old i think. they're a littile dried out but smell nice. can i still use them?

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  1. of course! the flavor may be a bit muted, but they're still fine. if they're really dry, use them to make syrup, or in a recipe that requires them to steep or simmer in liquid for a long time...or if you're a drinker, you can flavor a bottle of vodka or rum.

    there are threads here on the HC board with plenty of suggestions for what to do with them and how to do it - a quick search should get you what you need.

    1. Here's another good thread on how to revive them.

      I've had success with the damp-paper-towel-in-the-microwave method. Haven't tried the others.

      1. Make Vanilla Extract....You will need a pint of vodka...a mason jar...pour the vodka in the jar...slice 6 or 8 beans length wise...submerse them in the vodka....90 days later....Vanilla extract!!

        Have Fun!