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Dec 22, 2009 12:46 PM

LOOKING for Ketchup chips in Texas

I've been in Texas for several years and tired of asking relatives to fly back with Ketchup chips! Every time they get here, they are a crumbled mess and they do not like the airplane trips stuffed in luggage between sweaters.

Being raised in Canada, we LOVE our ketchup chips. It's pretty much the only food that I miss.

Any idea where to buy them where they will arrive here in one piece? I live near Austin, TX

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  1. You can buy them mail order from the Herrs store online, but you have to get a case of them I think. I haven't ordered from them, but I love ketchup chips too! Amazon had them , but they're out of stock right currently.

    1. I have actually found them in the Belton, TX Super Wal-Mart from time to time.

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        Really!~wow! Let me know if you ever see them again. It's worth the drive for me.

      2. Are there HEB's in the Austin area. In Houston I have been getting Herr's Ketchup chips at my local HEB. They also have a steak seasoning chip that is very good.

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          Yes, we have HEB's in Austin but I haven't seen them here. I will ask my local HEB Plus if they can get some in.

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            I haven't looked specifically for ketchup chips, but Central Market seems to have an affinity for Pennsylvania snack brands. I've seen crab boil flavored Utz's chips there of all things... They might be able to get Herr's if they don't carry them currently.

            1. So glad to here all of that! I've been trying to find those ketchup chip for ever here in Texas. Miss my ketchup chip from canada!!! Thanks to had ask that question several years before I actually need the answer!! :)

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                I'm looking forward to some Marmite crisps later this month! I don't think I'll find those in Texas ...