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Dec 22, 2009 11:45 AM

The Wright - A Gem in the Guggenheim

After a beautiful walk through the snow blanketed park, our route to the Guggenheim Museum and the Kandinsky exhibit, DW and I had a surprising and remarkable lunch.

We had no idea it was there. This beautiful little restaurant nestled into a corner of this fabulous museum. We sat at the communal table, had prompt, professional service, nice wines and a fine meal.

I am not going to go into every detail, and the food was not perfect. Sure, the pork belly could have had more flavor and a less mushy texture. But the codfish w/ chanterelles and cauliflower was clean and fresh, while DW's short ribs were unctous and flavorful. We had nice cheese plate to finish, with a fine Oregon cab, whose name is lost to me.

The most surprising thing to us, however, was what I found out the next day. This restaurant has only been open for two weeks. DW and I consider ourselves somewhat tuned into the NYC restaurant scene, and not only had we not heard of this recent opening, we did not detect it's infancy in its service or its food. The place seemed like it had been there for years, which really bodes well for its future.

You don't need another reason to go see the Kandinsky exhibit (heaven), or the Guggenheim itself, but The Wright is giving you one.

The Wright
1071 5th Avenue, New York, NY 10128

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  1. Just had a wonderful lunch at The Wright. Girlfriend and I started with a couple nice, inventive cocktails. GF, who is vegetarian, had a very nice soup to start, only downside was portion, I think she would have liked more, I tried it and I would agree. I had the pork belly to start and it was really nice, great restraint on the ingredients really let the pork shine. GF had a risotto which was perfectly cooked, very nice flavors. I had the halibut which was the stand out dish for me. Had a couple reasonably priced quartinos of wine which yielded about two glasses per. Dessert was very good. The olive loafs from the bread selection were great. Service/management was very attentive/ehthusiastic, exceptional for such a new restaurant.

    Will be interested in seeing how dinner service is when it's starts up next week.