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Dec 22, 2009 11:28 AM

Wanted: Your best "Over the Top" appetizer for New Years

Looking for an outrageously good appetizer for a New Years Eve party, preferably seafood: shrimp, crab, lobster or scallops. Give me your very best please and please include the recipe or link.

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  1. Nothing beats a bacon wrapped scallop, IMO. I have that just about every new years.

    another luxe app that I love is this: Slice a firm textured apple (i like Arkansas Black) on a mandoline. Not paper thin, but you should see through it. Dry in the oven on two cookie sheets. One lined w/ a Silpat and one lined w/ parchment. It will take several hours at around 250 degrees.

    When you take them out...the parchment apples will have curled their edges more than the silpat. Nestle a curled slice inside a flatter slice and it will resemble a flower. Put a chunk of aged gouda in the middle and bake in the oven just long enough to melt it and stick the two together. Drizzle a little caramel on top and sprinkle with a few pomegranite seeds.

    Yes, it's a buttload of work, but beautiful, crazy delicious and people will be amazed.

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      OMG! That sounds AMAZING! I'll have to try that . . .time to track down a mandoline

      1. re: danna

        danna, I have the mandolin, the cookie sheets, the parchment. Need the silpat, never *heard* of "Arkansas Black", but these sound so interesting!

        Different, but still good-- it's simply called "Tan"

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          I do the same thing with the layers of apple slices, but instead of cheese I fill them with a brandied calamari sort of lose the floral effect (because I tend to fill the cup with probably a bit more calamari salad than necessary!), but they're still amazingly pretty and they'd fit with your seafood theme...You could use calvados instead of the brandy, but I think that makes the salad a bit too sweet.

          1. re: tsfirefly

            Do you have a recipe for brandied calamari salad? I can think of are a lot of good ways to use that. Thanks!

          2. re: danna

            Since I got both a mandoline and a silpat for Christmas, had to try this. A few questions?

            Peel on or off? I left it on and it seemed fine; wasn't sure if that was the intended effect.

            Where do you slice the apple? I did it on the side (vertically)

            How thick? I did it at about 3/16 of an inch; the parchment ones did curl, but just a bit; the silpat ones not at all.

            Mine needed some cheese "glue" between the apples as well as on top.

            Tasted nice, looked "interesting" (the slices got rather brownish); LOTS of work!

            1. re: DGresh

              Hi there! I'm so flattered you tried this!

              I do leave the peel on, I like the bit of color. I slice them horizontally, so there's a little core shaped hole on the inside. I think that might be why my cheese melts through the hole and sort of sticks them together.

              I'm slicing mine a lot thinner. More like 1/16 of an inch. And...don't hate me...I think the brown color is the result of the 250 degrees. I failed to mention they look prettier if you have time to do them on 200. The last time I made them, I needed the oven, and so cranked it up to 250. They still tasted good, but not as pretty. I'm so sorry they were just so-so for you...'cause they are indeed lots of work. (but fun, if you consider that sort of thing fun!)

              1. re: danna

                I'll give a try to the alterations you suggest. And I *do* consider these things fun. I also put a relatively small amount of cheese in; I'll try more-- Thanks!

          3. If you are open to a dip, try this easy but very good crab dip:
            layer cream cheese on platter, spread chili sauce over, top with drained lump crabmeat. Assorted nice crackers for dipping.

            You could do these layers on individual crackers or crostini for passed appetizers instead.

            1. I just do a platter of lump crabmeat and large cooked tail on shrimp.
              I put cocktail sauce and lemon wedges on the platter and garnish with olives.

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              1. Get some 8-10 per lb shrimp, and make cocktails, or have a big bowl of them with some diff sauces.

                1. 1. Escargot en brioche - If you can get/make brioche dough, make them into small rolls (like you are rolling chocolate truffle). Bake them off and let cook. Make garlic butter. Cut the tops off mini brioches and fill with a nice large escargot and the garlic butter (under and above the escargot), sprinkle with parm. Freeze. Bake from frozen.
                  Option #2 - Buy a loaf of brioche and cut into 3"slices. Cut into cubes and dig a little hole in each cube (leave a bottom). Add escargots cooked in garlic butter after they have been cooled and add parm shavings. You can freeze ahead and bake too. Not as good as the first option, but still yummy.

                  2. Mushroom caps stuffed with crab meat and bernaise sauce.

                  3. Brandade de morue served with crostini and roasted garlic in EVOO.

                  4. Small cubes of organic salmon roasted. On an app spoon, lay cooked lentils, roasted salmon and drizzle with greek style yogurt that has been made savoury with black pepper and hint of salt.

                  5. Mussels on a half shell. Roasted in the oven with shallots, chopped fresh tomato, garlic, and sherry. We do these on the stove top and keep warm in the oven until serving.

                  6. Mini crab cakes with remoulade.

                  7. Large cocktail shrimp in shooter glasses with cocktail sauce at the bottom of the glass.

                  8. I love a great cheese and fruit board served with truffle honey, apricot preserves, grapes and a variety of breads, breadsticks and crackers.