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Dec 22, 2009 10:41 AM

Duck for Stewing: Mature Duck

Got one on sale at the grocery. Googled it and learned it would need a tenderizing cooking process but couldn't find a recipe for it. Do I have to stew it, or is there some way to roast it so it'll be tender with crispy skin?

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  1. I just got one (against my wife's insistence that it would NOT be tasty).

    Going to try a variation of the way my mom used to stew a whole duckling.

    Clean the insides and out - scrubbing with salt, rinse with cold water, then season with salt, pepper, some crushed garlic and soy sauce.

    Smash a couple scallion stalks and put them inside the cavity.

    Leave it in the fridge for a few hours or overnight.

    In the morning, I'll brown it on all sides in a skillet and set aside.

    In the skillet, I'll slice a few onions and lightly brown them with some sliced carrot and mushrooms (any kind you like, or make a mix of oyster, shitake, and white mushrooms)

    Stuff the cavity with this mixture and put it in a slow cooker. If you have extra, just throw them into the cooker too.

    Deglaze the pan with some orange juice and pour over the duck.

    My mom would use a thumb sized knob of rock sugar. You can use white sugar instead ( a good tablespoon of it) and put on top of the duck. Instead, I'll use a handful of chopped, sweet dates.

    If you have them, you can also throw in a handful of Dried asian red dates (these are not so sweet, but they add some color to the dish).

    I figure to set it on low and leave it til I come home from work.

    Skim off the duckfat and reserve for future use (roasting or frying potatoes, making roux, etc.)

    Serve with rice.

    1. Stew it with onions, prunes, stock, and red wine. Let it sill overnight so you can remove the fat. Remove from the bone if you like and serve with noodles. Lovely stuff.

      1. I would brine it, then simmer the entire duck for about 45-60 minutes, shred the meat, and then make duck ropa vieja.

        Reserve the carcass for stock.

        Reserve the innards to saute with some grilled onion.

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        1. I would turn the duck into confit.