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Dec 22, 2009 10:02 AM

Best Under-the-Radar restaurant ?

I'm a fatigued Boston restaurant-goer looking for a hidden gems. You know, that place with wonderful atmosphere and service and terrific food that you love every single time you go but that doesn't draw a lot of attention. Looking for a place with the food/value as good as Eastern Standard, Hungry Mother, Franklin Cafe etc. but without all the attention. (This probably disqualifies everything in the South End for instance, which are always over-noticed in comparison to quality).

The place that stands out to me where I've had this experience previously is Taberna de Haro in Brookline. A wonderful little restaurant that never seems to get the attention it deserves. I also had the same experience to a lesser degree with Salts (a little more pricey, gets a little more attention). What other places have you found like this? I'm desperately looking for someplace new!

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  1. Perhaps a bit too far away, but Loco Tapas in Easton is outstanding. Great hot and cold tapas as well as excellent Spanish and Mediterranean entrees.

    Also, Jasmine Bistro in Brighton is really nice. They mostly do Hungarian and French fare, and the prices are pretty good considering the quality of the food.

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      Yeah, Easton probably is a little far for me. But,

      Jasmine Bistro looks great, thanks for the tip!

      1. How about Duckworth or Franklin Cafe, both in Gloucester.

        1. Recent favorites: Bon Savor, Estragon (if you want to continue with the tapas theme).

          1. In the south end, I think Columbus Cafe is a cool little spot and gets no attention. Pops doesn't get that much. Most of the Rozzy places (Delfino, Birch St., Sophia, Geoffrey's), Dogwood in JP, La Morra in Brookline, those are a few that come right to mind.

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              I especially think Geoffrey's is a great hidden gem. Food is not mind-shattering or innovative but just really good, basic fare. A perfect neighborhood spot.

            2. I wouldn't say it disqualifies everything in the South End. I like Columbus Cafe a lot. Nothing's over $20, and you can usually get a table.

              I know Gran Gusto hardly qualifies as under-the-radar on this board, but it might qualify with regard to the broader populace. That place is awesome.

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                I have enjoyed the couple meals I've had at Grotto, on beacon hill. very well priced, and especially for the winter it's very cozy. I've had a couple different things, and while tasty and very good, they were not as refined as perhaps some other places...but still, good quality for a great price.

                1. re: mollyditty

                  Good call on Grotto. I've been there (mostly just because I work right near there, not because I ever heard anyone particularly mention it) and agree it fits the bill (though I hadn't thought of it when posting).

                  1. re: MaggieCat

                    grotto has plenty of fans here. ( i am not one, and don't get the love personally.)

                2. re: robwat36

                  Sorry, didn't mean to offend anyone with my comment about the South End. I actually haven't been to Columbus Cafe, so I'll have to check it out. I just didn't want another recommendation for Toro or Gaslight or fifteen other places like that. That Ginger Park place has been open for like a month or whatever and it's talked about all the time. Same with Coppa.

                  1. re: MaggieCat

                    No offense taken, I don't think anyone would disagree that the South End has its share of overhyped places.

                    1. re: robwat36

                      estragon is worth a visit. erbaluce is definitely worth a visit. orinoco and la morra in brookline deserve more attention than they get. lots of attention on this board and well-deserved if you're interested in chinese is Shanghai Gate. Tupelo is fun for southern food and old standbys like Green Street still deserve attention.