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Dec 22, 2009 09:16 AM

French Window


Does anyone have a preview of French Window, the Justin Quek related joint in IFC?

How does it compare to Whisk in the Mira or Cepage?

Any thoughts on all the above vis-a-vis Caprice?


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  1. Am supposed to go this Sunday. Will report back.

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    1. re: Peech

      Thanks Peech

      Looking forward to your reply.

      Merry Xmas!!!

      Any thoughts on St. George?

      1. re: Peech

        Posted my notes on my blog:

        Basically I thought food was pretty good. Is it better than Whisk? Not sure but probably not. Sommelier is from Cepage. My friends' wives who sat outside complained about the mediocre food and the poor noted in my blog.

      2. Recently tried the tasting menu there. I must admit I was rather disappointed. I would give them top marks for presentation. Every dish was extremely aesthetically pleasing to the eye but kinda fell short on the palate. Specifically on some of the signature dishes, the tuna kadaif was surprisingly flat and tasteless for a deep fried dish. the angus beef tartare was interesting more for the crunchy cracker at the bottom than for the taste of the beef. The only dish I thought was more yummy than its appearance suggested was the lamb with potatoes. But the venue is fantastic and all of the food was really, really beautifully presented.

        Think Cepage is a way, way, way better experience and probably one of the more under appreciated restaurants of its class in HK.