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Dec 22, 2009 09:10 AM

North Shore Pizza - Thin Crust Query.

I am OK with the Riverview, not a fan of Bertucci's but it's there, been up and down Revere beach, Salisbury Beach.....just nothing really makes me want to go back. Need some direction for thin crust anywhere RT 1 / N. Best place I can think of but can't recall the name ---- is a place in Saugus right next to a an old style barber shop that makes a really great slice - does anyone know the name of it? I believe it had two initials. Really good NYC - style spiky sauce and thin, crispy crust. Could use a slice now.

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  1. It is: J & M Italian Specialty on Central St & Webb. Hard to beat..

    J & M Italian Specialty
    340 Central St, Saugus, MA 01906

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      I'll have to check out J&M. I like the pizza at both Calitri's in Danvers and Teresa's in Middleton. Both of these pizzas are good enough to be ordered as plain tomato and cheese. Neither makes me stop yearning for the pizzas of my youth in NYC. (And that was so long ago it was "a slice and a Coke" for 25ยข. ;-) )

      Teresa's Italian Eatery
      149 S Main St, Middleton, MA 01949

      Calitri's Italian Cuisine
      126 Newbury St, Danvers, MA 01923

    2. i know you said you were at Revere Beach, but did you try Bianchi's?

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      1. re: ScubaSteve

        Heh, I was going to post that, too. Bianchi's is great, IMO.

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          I am OK with Bianci's - better than most, just not always crispy. I will have to try Calitri's.

          1. re: ipsofatso

            imo, Bianchi's, and pretty much all pizza should be had Well-Done. i get mine this way and it always holds a point beautifully.

      2. Angela's Coal Fired Pizza on Rt. 1 Saugus, is that the one you are thinking of?

        It's really good.

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        1. re: mcel215

          2nd Angela's, probably because the za comes out well done, my fav way.

          1. re: mcel215

            I think Angela's has gotten more consistent over time and although I think the prices are the same, they seemed more reasonable to me the last time I visited (certainly less than something like Bertucci's). Bianchi's and John's in Chelsea (not North Shore, but easy access from Rt1/1A) are the other two I visit a decent amount. The Square One Mall pizza place has a nice selection, but I wasn't wowed by the pies, but its been more than a year. Liberty Tree was among the malls on Regina's recent widescale mall expansion although I haven't been and usually their mall outlets aren't so great.

            1. re: itaunas

              itaunas, what is John's? Is it a sub shop? How does it compare to Bianchi's?

              1. re: hiddenboston

                John's is a little corner pizza/sub shop at the start of Central Ave, the best landmarks are Campero and Katz which are both right nearby. Its been there forever and I would call it pretty basic NY street style pizza. As far as I can remember I have only had pies there vs mostly slices at Bianchi's. They are not that dissimilar, where Bianchi's might appeal better to the well done crowd, although on a good day I think I prefer John's overall -- all around cheese, sauce, crust. That said there is so much nearby and I have been working my way through as many possible variations on chicarron in Chelsea, so Bianchi's by virtue of location and being the most craveable thing on RB I have had 3-4 times in 2009 vs only once for John's. One of the better neighborhood parlors and worthy of being included in any crawl, but Bianchi is more of a destination because of location.

                Incidentally I had a bunch of slices from Ernesto's a short while ago and they seemed a lot improved from the recent past. I have always considered them and Haymarket about equal, but this was way superior to Haymarket (who has that cloying sweet sauce and sometimes dried out slices). Both with traditional and non-traditional toppings (chicken, white sauce, bacon, tomatoes) they were pretty rocking and the crust was excellent.

                1. re: itaunas

                  Thanks as always, itaunas! By the way, not to hijack the thread, but since you seem to know a lot about Chelsea restaurants, what do you think of El Santaneco and Plaza Mexico? They're just two of several Chelsea places I have on my radar these days.

                  1. re: hiddenboston

                    For a nice Salvadoran treat in Chelsea, try "Las Carnitas de Montecristo" I think near the corner of Webster and Broadway. Excellent house-made gorditas with crema and good overall job on carne asada (they pound out flap meat to order before frying), Salvadoran tamales with loroco, serve the proper small salvadoran beans. Some interesting desserts. The chicarrones are pretty lousy (thin, tough, super-salty, sometimes I believe they just use slab bacon) and unfortunately they replaced the chuletas (pork chop) with that on several plates so you are forewarned. And they never seem to have adobada or lengua, although this seems to be a common theme with Salvadoran restaurants. The nearby Dominican Latino lunch counter is also worth a visit, although some of the fried meats in the warming case can get long in the tooth and when you try to order other items, they never have them. Xielo is a pretty hopping nightspot, but you need to be a bit careful at night in the area.

                    I haven't been to El Santaneco (at least not recently enough to say anything useful about it) -- I recently chose El Chalateco across the street because they were showing the eliminatory rounds of the World Cup but otherwise would have gone there. Chalateco is ok for decent quick lunch -- probably the plate of the day from the steam table trays is the best bet, but not as good as Las Carnitas for made to order food. Santaneco does seem to be a bit nicer so I am looking forward to checking it out and if I manage to try it sometime soon, I'll post. Cuscatlan is the other Salvadoran place I need to try.

                    Plaza Mexico or Blanco Caballo if that's on Washington I am not certain, what came to mind was Casa Mariachi on Everett Ave (near Taqueria del Sol) which does a mix of Mexican and Salvadoran. Beyond Tijuana (and Rancho Grande on Everett which I believe closed), most "Mexican" joints I have found in Chelsea are a mix of Salvadoran/Mexican. There is a lot of turnover too which complicates things -- there was one taqueria I saw once which had posole on the weekends (not King, not Del Sol but in that general area), but I can't find it anymore. Some Saturday I really should check out as much as possible on foot.

                    1. re: itaunas

                      Thanks! I'm always grateful for all that you put up in your posts here. I think I may need to do a food trip through Chelsea, Everett, and East Boston this winter, since there are seemingly countless spots to check out.

          2. Try the pizza place in the food court at the Square One Mall. Not sure of the name but I got a slice there while Christmas shopping with my wife last week. The crust was thin and super crispy and the sauce was perfect with lots of cheese. We liked it so much we went back and got a whole pie to take home to the kids, which they devoured. They also do stuffed sicilian pies and great calzones and pasta dishes. I just didn't catch the name, but will definetly be going back again.

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            1. re: hhookk

              This is Pizzatella.

              I looked it up and if it's as good as hhookk says it is we'll go there instead of Regina's. Although, last week we did get terrific pizzas from Regina's....the Pomodoro Formaggio and the Melanzane. The best we've had from that location since they opened there. I'm hoping it wasn't an abberation.

            2. Crest Ave. in Winthrop...thin crust (but not too thin) and a perfect ratio of cheese to sauce.