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Dec 22, 2009 08:55 AM

Where to buy oysters for New Years Eve Party - San Francisco

We usually buy our oysters on Saturday at Alemany Farmer's Market but that won't work out for the Thursday NYE. Hog Island seems to only sell them at the Saturday Market as well.
Does anyone have any suggestions - we are looking to buy 6-10 dozen, and hoping for kumamotos?

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  1. I'm pretty sure you can order bulk to pick up from Hog Island.

    ABS Seafood.

    1. I second Hog Island. During the holidays you can reserve the quantity you want and pick them up at the restaurant. They will validate parking in the lot designated for Ferry Plaza.

      1. Thank you both so much, from the website it looked like we couldn't get them from Hog Island other than at the Saturday Market. We will definitely call over there!

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          Hope they have the volume of Kumis you want -- they're not always in stock, especially around Christmas and New Years since they have to service their wholesale and restaurant accounts as well. Good luck. We switch to the small sweetwaters as an alternate, the very small/cocktail sweetwaters are almost not worth the work; Kumis are a lot easier to open.