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Dec 22, 2009 08:31 AM

yann haute patisserie opens tomorrow

I called today and they said they were busy getting product ready and were opening tomorrow. I ordered a yule log - hope it's good!

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      1. Well I had to write about our experience with this bakery. I have to admit, the yule log was a surprise to look at; it wasn't a traditional log so much as a beautiful chocolate cake, rectangular and not round. But the taste - wow. Awesome. It was like a chocolate mousse on a kind of chocolate cake/wafer base, with thin shards of chocolate along the sides. The chocolate on the sides was kind of bittersweet and seemed to have a salty taste instead of sweet, which complimented to decandent rich chocolate cake nicely. My husband and I both agreed that the cake was one of the best we have ever had, either from a bakery or in a restaurant.
        My husband bought some macarons when he went to pick up the cake. This is not what I know as a macaroon, which is the coconut and egg white type of cookie. These were little wafer cookies, which kind of reminded me of small amaretti, crunchy outside with soft inside - with a rich chocolate ganache type middle. The cookies were amazing and the ganache was wonderful. I tried one of every flavour - caramel, strawberry, double chocolate, chocolate mint - all were great. We will definitely be back for more cookies and we've already agreed the next birthday cake we buy will be one of their chocolate creations.

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          The Macarons are something else. We bought a whole box full since they are gluten free and all of them were very good. The Violet one maybe not my fav, but still good.

          What surprises me, having lived in the inner city, how initially the rezoning request was rejected by the community association.

          it took quite a while to get this business up and running.

          1. re: worldwidestuff

            I'm the inner-city guy who writes the city to SUPPORT development apps! Too damn many NIMBYs in this world. They probably didn't want retail off the main drag (4th St).

            1. re: John Manzo

              Good. This place basically butts onto the BOM parking lot.

        2. A report! I had my sister stop at this place on the way home and get me some stuff. :) I wanted her to order a cake but she's a dodo... anyway. She got a box of macroons and a sample of four other pastries. I loved all of them but the macroons were excellent! As emsmom said, they're not typical macroons. I usually hate macroons, I can't stand coconut but these were delicious! My favorite was the violet ones but I also very much liked the toffee/fleur de sel ones and the straight chocolate. That last tasted like a brownie, it was so rich. Heavenly.

          I would highly recommend checking out this place!

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          1. re: AriaDream

            The ones with Coconut are Macaroons. From what I learnt.
            Macarons are made with Almond flour and originate from France.

              1. re: John Manzo

                I've never heard of a macaron. Interesting.

            1. Add me as a fan. The caramel/ganache fleur de sel macaron is fantastic!

              Here's the website:

              I'm looking forward to trying more products from them! The cakes look awesome.

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              1. re: ybnormal

                I got a small selection of their pastry today including macaroons which were very good.
                Their croissant is very tasty but doesn't quite have that combination of crispy well risen exterior that needs to go with the moist, sweet interior (I'd still buy them though!).
                The spiral pastry with the bits of chocolate is excellent (that's my perfect breakfast pastry) as is the brioche.

                The one big disappointment was their ficelle (some one asked if it was a baguette and the owner responded "that's what you call them in Calgary" but it was the skinny version know as the ficelle). It was really dense and not very well made. Let's hope it's just an early learning curve thing.

                Nice addition to the local pastry scene that's for sure.

                1. re: ybnormal

                  salted caramel. must go period.

                  1. re: crigg

                    That's one of the really good flavors. :) I also like the... blackberry? The pink ones.