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Dec 22, 2009 08:29 AM

Dallas to Houston recs

Driving from Dallas to Houston on Sunday. Need recs for somewhere to stop and eat on the way. Mt. Zion BBQ is closed on Sunday, so that is out. Anyone know of any other gems along 45?

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  1. There are a couple other threads about that route, but some are from Houston to Dallas. Same difference.

    Now I realize that the same places are mentioned in all of the threads, and the chowhounds are split down the middle on the BBQ at Woody's. I cheated last time we went and had a deli sandwich made (corned beef on rye.) My husband had a chopped beef and it was pretty good. I was salivating over this smoked chicken that the woman sitting next to me had. She ate a half a chicken in one sitting, and she was a little thing, so it must have been good. If they have the german sausage on the steam table, order that. One of the guys there makes it himself.

    Good luck and hope these help.

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      Woodys BBQ is hit or miss, you just have to eyeball it to see how it is that particular day. I've found they're consistent about the sandwiches and those are a safe play.

      1. re: air

        Yes, and as we've all said on several previous threads, Woody's is still a fun stop to pick up jams and preserves and jerky and jars of other treasures.

        Although when it's open, New Zion is really the best of the eateries I've found along that oft-discussed route.