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Cendrillon sightings

I'm looking to buy Le Cendrillon as a holiday treat for my family in Europe. Went to 5 Saisons (Bernard), Fromagerie Yannick, Epicerie Van Houte and finally PA over the weekend to no avail. They had it on special in PA two weeks ago and I can smack myself now for not buying it then. They all said it has been on backorder for a while (except Yannick where they snobbishly said they don't sell mass produced cheese).

So has anyone seen that little ash covered goat cheese? While I agree it's not the best cheese QC has to offer, it is nice, affordable, award winning and I won't feel too bad if it gets confiscated by customs (let's hope not).

Please help me, I have until Thursday to find it.

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  1. Haven't checked this week, but Fromagerie du Marché Atwater has had a steady supply. Might be worth giving them a call: 514 932-4653.

    1. Last time I checked Fromagerie Maisonneuve had it in stock.


      1. Both the IGA in Alexis Nihon and the Metro on Sherbrooke corner Victoria had a few left as of yesterday morning... good luck!

        1. Aubut usually has a decent supply

          1. I bought some in Provigo in Rosemont yesterday; corner Beaubien & 10e Avenue

            1. The little cheese shop on Wellington in Verdun had it.

              1. The Loblaws at Parc metro had it a few weeks ago. I first noticed they had it a few months ago and i've seen it there a few times since so they probably have a steady supply now.

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                  Actually i was just there yesterday and i noticed they don't have them anymore.

                2. The fruiterie on Saint Denis, Corner Saint Joseph had it this weekend.

                  1. Friend told me they have it at the Costco in the South Shore, so you can check the ones here in Montreal.

                    1. Just to let you know that I found some last night at PA on Parc. Only 3 buches left, I bought 2 :-) Happy Festivus everyone!

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                        Lots at IGA in St. Lazare! Even giving out samples yesterday. However, will be closed for a few days.

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                          Costco in Lachenais had them packaged in two's for $9.99. They had lots Christmas Eve.

                      2. Heads up! Supermaché PA on Fort (and prolly on Parc) currently have Cendrillon and sibling La Sauvagine on sale for $3.99 a unit.

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                          Thanks, I bought some last week at PA.

                          As a side note: I find Le Cendrillon tastes very different from when I first tried it (fall 2009). It somehow tastes more "bue". I had some Cendrillon 4 weeks ago from a friend and found it tasted moldy, blue. I actually thought it had went bad. But the Cendrillon I bought myself last week had the same problem.

                          The reason I liked le Cendrillon in the first place (fresh goat cheese with a little subtle extra oomph) seems to be all gone.

                          Has anyone experienced the same?

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                            I had my first taste of Cendrillon this week. It has plenty of "oomph" as you put it and it does have some "blue" overtones, but I found it to be delightful (indeed quite strong) and not spoiled in any way according to my tastes. I bought it at the PA Marche on du Fort with a "best before date" of MAY tenth

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                              Cracked open my PA-bought Cendrillon yesterday, one day after the best before date. Definitely more evolved -- less fresh, if you will -- than the younger ones I've had but that's to be expected, no? In fact, only a dime-sized core down the middle was still the chalky white of the young cheese. Still, I detected no mustiness or bluesy off-flavours. And it made a delicious pairing with a glass of a great sub-$16 Cheverny that recent hit the SAQ's shelves, the 2008 Domaine du Salvard. http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/7009...

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                                Thanks, I thought I was going mad. Don't get me wrong, it's still a fine cheese, but I seemed to liked it more younger and fresher. Maybe I'll try some more tonight. Thx for the wine tip.

                                I find that PA cheeses in general are quite ripe/mature. Maybe that's why they can offer it at such low prices. Luckily for cheeses matureness is usually a good thing.