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Do you drink Wawa coffee?

I stopped drinking coffee for a while and recently have been getting back into it. I've tried my local DD's, Starbucks and Wawa. The only thing I can think of is that Wawa sells a lot of brewed coffee because it's cheap as I think it's about the worst of the 3. Starbucks seems very strong and DD is not too bad.

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  1. I used to pick up a 20 oz of Wawa's coffee every morning. I went back and forth between their strongest blend (forget the name) and French Vanilla. For the price, I didn't complain, though I would prefer DDs on any given day.

    1. I don't mind Wawa. Old Nelson, which took over a few of the old Wawas in Center City sells La Colombe and the price is not bad although I can't remember what they actually charge.

      For cheap, quick coffee I actually think that McDonald's is the best deal. It is real cheap ($0.69) and as good or better than DD. The only problem is if the line is long, it is actually not that quick.

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        $0.69 for McD's coffee? here in Pittsburgh it's $1.69 for a large, $1.59 for a medium! We don't have wawa out here, but I sure do like the DD coffee.

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          I thought this was a nationwide promotion? Maybe not.

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            Just got this past weekend and paid $1.69, guess it's not nationwide. We were in New England in September and they had this new Green Mountain blend coffee and it was free for a day or two, then any size for $1 the whole time we were up there. It was very good, better than the blend we get here in Pittsburgh. I e-mailed to ask, and it's a New England only blend.

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              I love Green Mountain coffee- you can find it at Target or Acme in the Philly area.

      2. Of those three my rankings are DD > Wawa > Starbucks. But that's based on my tastes as a strictly black-coffee drinker. I find Starbucks way too bitter to drink black. DD I find pretty consistently palatable, if not mind-blowing, and Wawa can depend on how fresh it is and who made the pot.

        At home I'll use La Colombe beans.

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          i'm with you completely on your ranking, though i am a coffee with milk drinker. at home, mocha java from fante's. can't kick that habit and don't want to! :)

        2. My husband knows where every DD is from here to Maine. Won't touch Wawa and will only drink Starbucks if there isn't a DD.

          1. Don't like DD at all-Starbucks is Ok but too $$- McD is good, the iced coffe in the summer is the best- order black, 1 shot cream 1/4 pkg splenda, its great-----

            -For me a 20oz Wawa Dark Roast with 1 shot half and half and a pinch of splenda. Dark Roast is the only one for me, aahhhh...

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              I'm a novice and didn't know Wawa had different roasts

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                I'm with you. I don't like DD in the least with the main reason being is that it's so freaking hot that you have to wait at least 5-10 minutes before it's drinkable.

                Wawa is my go to place for "regular" coffee.

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                  i also don't like DD coffee, i think it tastes odd. if i do wawa it's the dark roast for sure, which isn't bad at all, especially for gas station coffee!

                  i really do prefer to brew my own and bring it along, though. starbucks is ok, but stupidly expensive. i like lots of milk in mine and NO sugar, blech...

                2. I'm addicted to Wawa french vanilla creamer. You could put that in ANY coffee and it would be good.

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                    Most of the sweetened additives contain High Fructose Corn Syrup which is bad for your health!

                  2. DH drinks FAR too much Wawa coffee. S'bucks is my favorite, but I'm a soy latte, 2 shots of sugar free vanilla syrup kinda girl... :) Neither of us cares for DD because you can't "doctor" your own and they don't have soy milk.

                    1. Only when I have to, ie: no Dunkin Donuts, McDonalds, or home brewed available. IMO, Wawa's coffee is awful, they get a lot of things right, but not coffee!

                      1. I only drink Wawa coffee four or five times per week, and that's only because I can't get there the other two or three days. Sixteen ounce French Vanilla black, two sugars.

                        Given the choice, for basic coffee and not some fancy specialty drink, I'd take Wawa over the other two any day. It may be because all of our local Wawas (I'm in NE Maryland where we have plenty) sell a huge amount of coffee, so the pots are always fresh, no matter what time of day.

                        1. Wawa, no. However, Sheetz, a PA/WV/OH gas station/convenience store chain, actually has halfway decent coffee that can be consumed black. Probably best coffee of any nationa/regional convenience store chain we've ever had.

                          Being part owner of a coffeehouse has spoiled me to probably 99.9% of what's out there. Grew up on DD's coffee and used to love it. Can't stand it now. It's pretty insipid compared to what we drink these days (Intelligentsia, Stumptown, fresh roasts we do ourselves).

                          There are certain Green Mountain coffees we'll consume when traveling. Although a very large operation, GMC can still do a good job with their artisanal coffees. But the frac-pac commercial stuff and the K-cups are not very good.

                          Sadly we've become PITAs when it comes to coffee. Who's the roaster? How long ago was it brewed? What temperature was it brewed at and at what grind? This info has become as important to us as asking when and where the fish was caught.

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                            we've had terrible luck lately with Sheetz coffee. not sure what the problem is, just know the last 3-4 times we purchased it, it was disgusting. This is all from one store - so it might just be that location.

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                              It's not just that one location, it's all of their locations. I find Sheetz coffee to be completely undrinkable.

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                                To each their own. Can't help but note you're both from eastern part of PA, so that may account for something regarding supplier or other variables. Can only say that out here in Pgh, i'd put it well ahead of any other convenience store/fast food coffee.
                                Just had some in Altoona tonight on way back home from NY. Their "house" blend, not french roast. It had distinct citrus and chocolate flavor notes, no robusta rubberiness or overroasted ashiness as well as a decent body and pretty good brew strength.
                                For reference, we normally drink Intelligentsia and Stumptown. Not suggesting Sheetz is up that high on the food chain. Simply that it tastes better to us than coffee from other gas stations, convenience stores and fast food chains.

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                                  I've been to Sheetz all over Ohio, western PA and MD and IMO, it's undrinkable regardless of location. I also think it has a horrible odor to it as well.

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                                    Come to think of it... we hit sheetz in OH last year and the coffee was awful there. We've adjusted our travel routine to stop at the Wawa in Mt. Pocono exit of Rt 476 instead of stopping at Sheetz a little farther north.

                          2. I used to love Wawa Kona coffee, but they no longer have it.

                            1. Wawa is sl better than Starbucks and DD is horribly bitter/yecchy. If you drink it black the difference is apparent.

                              1. Normally I make my coffee at home but in a pinch I would pick Wawa over SB (roasted too dark) and DD (not dark enough).

                                1. DD is just bad, period. Plus most of those places look dirty to me. Wawa is just watered down coffee and SB is good on occassion but too dark. I have tried Seattles Best a few times if you can find one and I think it is the best out of all of them.

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                                    There is no difference between Seattle's Best and Starbucks.. Starbucks OWNS seattles best and I wouldn't be surprised if they use the same roaster.

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                                      I love a strong cup of coffee and only drink it black or with a tiny splash of cream (usually just to cool it down a bit). As a black coffee drinker, Starbucks is entirely too bitter and ridiculously overpriced. The first two or three sips (of the regular roast) are good, but as I get through it, it's borderline undrinkable. Wawa, for both the price and the convenience (I know 5 near me (in Bridgeport) within a few miles), is pretty solid, particularly the Kona blend (no longer around) and now the Organic Peruvian. McD's just isn't strong enough and it's way too hot to drink. However, at .69 cents it's hard to beat.

                                      However, I've been converted by my older brother to DD. This is the perfect cup of coffee for me, at least black coffee drinkers. (Their heavy-handedness with cream and sugar makes you forget you are drinking java at all). More than just a great cup of coffee, I find that this coffee is enhanced with each menu item I try. Of course, it's not breakfast delicacy, but the coffee cake muffin, the boston kreme donut and especially the sausage biscuit somehow pair perfectly with the coffee and it rings true that the sum is greater than each of its parts!

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                                        With how hot DD serves their coffee, don't you have to wait like 10 minutes before you can drink it?

                                        That said as a fellow black coffee drinker, we can agree to disagee that DD is the perfect cup of coffee for those that drink it black.

                                        1. re: mitchh

                                          It's definitely hot, but I'll give it a minute or two and then it's drinkable, more or less just like the other places, sans McD's, which is a good 10 minute wait.

                                          Fair enough...every man's opinion deserves a dissenting one!

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                                            A minute or two? In general I have to wait at least 5 minutes before I can drink DD coffee. And while that may not sound like much, first thing in the morning that seems like an eternity! :)

                                            Wawa, on the other hand, I can drink as soon as it's poured into the cup.

                                    2. Here in Upper Bucks, the DD are very inconsistent. I just can't trust then any more. Wawa & McD's had good coffee that is always good. It never wavers. Starbucks is just not worth the price. The other advantage Wawa has for me are large parking slots for trucks that a std school bus fits into nicely.

                                      1. Wawa if desperate and I know it's been brewed recently...otherwise, no. If the three were all next to each other, I'd go for DD first, after my own homemade brew, where I usually use Trader Joe's coffee. I do love a Starbuck's Latte, but LaColombe is really better than Starbucks.

                                        1. Dunkin Donuts coffee is the best. Wawa coffee is good. I do not like Starbucks coffee at all.

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                                            I enjoy WaWa Dark Roast with half and half. I wish DD would allow one to add cream/sugar for oneself. I enjoy Starbucks but only if all of my bills are paid and I have spare dollars. When McD's has the 69 cents promotion, I go for it. I do enjoy Chick-fil-A's dark roast.