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Dec 22, 2009 07:10 AM

Kosher Near MOMA

Looking for a good dinner place near MOMA. A place that is nice but kid friendly. Any suggestions?


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  1. Lots to choose from within 5 blocks and an avenue or so:

    Wolf & Lamb
    Clubhouse Cafe
    Le Marais

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    1. re: DeisCane

      Cafe K is also in the area, if you want a dairy option.

      1. re: DeisCane

        You can also through Prime Grill, Kosher Delux and Solo into that mix -

        1. re: weinstein5

          Is Solo kid friendly? I was always under the impression that it was a quieter/fancier atmosphere?

          1. re: cheesecake17

            I missed the kid friendly request - yes solo is fancier - but depnding on the kidmight be ok -

          2. re: weinstein5

            Kosher Deluxe is the only one that belongs in the convo from a kid-friendly perspective and I left it out because I think it's not "nice."

            1. re: DeisCane

              It really depends on the kid. If he/she is old enough and well behaved a nice dinner could be had at Wolf and Lamb or Cafe K

              1. re: cheesecake17

                Yes, and that's why I included W&L. I meant that KD was the only kid-friendly place among Prime Grill, Solo and KD! :-)

        2. Nargila Grill
          I was there the other night- very good grilled Israeli food. A little bit of a hike if you do it by foot: you'll need to walk east 7 blocks or take a cab (it's on York between 84th and 85th ) - the good thing is you won't be fighting the midtown traffic to get there. Good service, nice decor, but very family-friendly, amazing pita right off the grill.

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          1. re: serenarobin

            Wrong museum. You're thinking of the Met. MOMA (Museum of Modern Art) is in midtown.

            1. re: craigcep

              oh you're right- I was thinking of the Met. Nargilla would not be convenient- save it for another time...
              Sorry about that!

          2. Wolf and Lamb is definitely kid-friendly (though not cheap). Taken my kids there a few times. Cafe K as well. Also Cafe Classico on 57th - great meat sandwiches and parve milkshakes you'd swear were dairy.

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              1. re: DeisCane

                I think they are. They have an ad in the Jewish Week saying they serve dinner.

                1. re: DeisCane

                  Classico is open for dinner during the week, but they are not open on Sunday at all which may cause the confusion.

              2. Kid-friendly? My vote is for Prime Grill, Kosher Deluxe, or Cafe K

                1. Prime Grill is kid-friendly? Kosher Deluxe is definitely out the question. We like clean, and good quality food. Wolf and Lamb might work. I always forget that they are still around.

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                  1. re: hindyg

                    Prime Grill could be kid friendly at a slow hour. It also depends on the kids. PG is also very expensive...