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Dec 22, 2009 07:05 AM

Dallas - Best chicken/vegetarian dishes?

Happy Holidays everyone -

A good friend of mine is visiting town for New Year's and her preferences in proteins are limited to mostly chicken, turkey, or otherwise vegetarian (i.e. no red meat, no seafood). Just wanted to consult all you chowhounders on your favorite chicken or vegetarian dishes in Dallas? The entire restaurant doesn't have to be vegetarian as long as it has one or two remarkable dishes that she'll really enjoy. Since I have never had any such restrictions, I was having trouble coming up with a cohesive list. We love all kinds of places, from hole in the wall, to fine dining, and cost is no object. Interesting restaurants and interesting dishes not easily found elsewhere would be ideal. Welcome any input - help me out here, friends!

Current ideas:

chicken & waffles at Victor Tango's
wild mushroom souffle at Rise No. 1
best chicken fajitas? for pure tex/mex...uncle julios vs. pappasito's?

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  1. When you said "interesting", I quickly thought of Chef Point and Potager. Chef Point is the restaurant that serves high quality food out of a gas station in Watauga. Potager in Arlington lets you charge however much you want for your meal and the menu changes every day based on what ingredients they have.

    If you like the chicken/waffles at Victor Tango's, you should try Chef Point in Watauga. They recently added that to their menu, and the "better than sex" fried chicken pairs much better with a waffle rather than their disappointing mashed potatoes.

    I've had some pretty impressive vegetarian dishes at Potager, like casseroles, quiche, and lasagnas. My favorite is their broccoli soup.

    Overall I'd recommend Potager, but I suggest checking their website to see what is on the menu that particular day. If it doesn't sound appealing, try Chef Point.

    I would also add...
    Peking Duck/Beggar's Chicken at Mr. Wok - note either of these must be ordered 24 hrs in advance
    Stuffed Jalapenos at Chapman Chile Kitchen
    Roasted duck at First Chinese BBQ
    Chicken Fried Chicken at Norma's

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    1. re: air

      +2 Potager

      I haven't been to Chef Point in a few years, but what an amazing little place.

      1. re: air

        I haven't been to Chef Point in about a year but I work in that area. We used to go there all the time. Wonderful food. Their stuffed mushrooms are to die for. I live in Arlington and have never been to Potager. I will have to try it.

        1. re: air

          I'm a huge fan of Chef Point - but when it comes to their chicken and waffles, I left broke and disappointed. 2 orders with 2 coffees totaled out to around $30+.

          I found the fried chicken totally lacking in flavor, although the crust was outstandingly crisp and non oily. The waffle was dense and cake-like. It was served in a large shallow bowl with syrup applied to the bottom of the bowl - ie, "they" decided the quantity of syrup that I wanted.

          So, not my choice for this particular dish - but others offerings are outstanding. They have many pasta selections, most of which are served with a rich butter/heavy cream sauce of one variety or another. On the non-pasta front, the salmon has also been very good.

          Unfortunately, it'd be nice if they would do the bread servings "to order" - even if it's just slices of a good, fresh baguette. As is, the cold, pre-sliced, pre-toasted/baked bread has always been a downfall.

          Chef Point
          5901 Watauga Rd, Watauga, TX 76148

          1. re: CocoaNut

            Have you gotten to try their lobster bisque? That's the next dish I'm drooling over, it looks very good.

            1. re: air

              No, I haven't tried any of the soups, though they do look tempting.... particularly with the weather that has been been afflicting us.

        2. Here's my list so far:

          Chicken dishes:
          Chicken Sekuwa at Temptations in Irving (I haven't been in several months) I am sure it is still a staple there.
          Kahari Chicken at Al Markaz in Carrollton - a nice sinus clearing dish....good for a cold day. Pakistanis have a liberal hand with the ghee but it is not anymore "greasy" than the Indian places around town. No place has better naan though as they are constantly picking it out of their tandoor oven.
          Thai Herbal Chicken at Jasmine Thai in Plano - a sweet and herbal studded dish that is fried.
          Goi Ngo Sen Ga - Lotus root salad with chicken at Nam Hua in Garland(tell them to nix the rau ram - Vietnamese cilantro most people hate it)
          Soy Sauce or Marinated Chicken at Golden Joy BBQ in Richardson
          Chicken Papusas at any Salvadoran place...I like El Salvador in Irving and Michoacan in Carrollton
          Northern Thai Dip at Andaman in Denton. I get mine extremely spicy and it up to that.
          Chicken Bastilla, and the two Chicken Tangines at Kasbah Grill in Irving will impress. I really love their mint tea, perfectly sweet.

          I second air’s recommendation of Potager in Arlington
          Kimchi Soondubu at To Dam Gol in Carrollton – a fairly spicy bowl of fresh tofu stew made with no meat
          Avial at Kerala Kitchen in Carrollton – I love their cabbage version of this Kerala style dish.
          Tamal de Elote (Corn Tamale), Papusa con Loroco y Queso (Papusa with Loroco Flower and Cheese), Platano Fritos (Fried Plantains),
          Veggie Samosa (Veggie Pastry) and Dal Palak (Lentils and Spinach) at Al Markaz in Carrollton both are on the lunch combo with the Kahari Chicken.
          Panchan/Banchan at To Dam Gol or any Korean place. You can make a meal out of these little dishes that are endlessly refilled.
          Taj Chaat House in Irving is purely vegetarian. I love the Mysore Masala Dosa (a HUGE lentil crepe filled with curried potatoes), the lentil soup is awesome
          Kadu Buranee (Curried Pumpkin) at Afghan Grill is very good but I believe it has just a tiny bit of meat. I really liked the Aush also again has a bit of meat not much though. Afghan Grill also has some great veggie entrees.
          Lunch buffet at Afrah in Richardson – best pita in town and also you can make a meal of hummous, baba ganouj, and tabouleh

          I will get the links in my next post

          1. Sweet basil (pad kra pow) at Bue Ginger Thai Cafe on MacArthur in Irving. EXCELLENT! It is served with an appetizer of chicken ginger rice soup and crispy spring roll that is delicious!


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            1. re: CocoaNut

              Do you have anything else you can recommend at this restaurant? Didn't think there was a decent Thai place in Las Colinas.

              1. re: air

                The only other thing that I've eaten is the basil fried rice - my preference is the spicy sweet basil. That said, I came upon this place as a result of a friend who eats their regularly with a work group of culturally diverse people which includes a number of Asians and Indians - Blu Ginger is a favorite of theirs.

                I have found all of the ingredients (vegetables and herbs) to be fresh and flavorful, right down to the spicy strips of ginger found in the chicken ginger rice soup.

                Service is very friendly and fast without feeling rushed.

                1. re: CocoaNut

                  Appreciate it, thanks! I guess I'll have to ask them about a Thai menu as well, it sounds like they could have one.

                  1. re: air

                    Don't understand..... their menu may be viewed via the link above.

                    1. re: CocoaNut

                      or..... are you talking about the "unpublished" Thai menu?

                  2. re: CocoaNut

                    I live in Las Colinas and have yet to find a good Thai place. I found Blue Ginger to be overly sweet and slightly overpriced, but maybe I need to give it another shot.

                2. re: CocoaNut

                  And kraphao kai with minced chicken. Ordering an egg on the side is not uncommon.
                  Tom yam kai is the wonderful sour soup with chicken.
                  Kaeng phet ped yang, the delightful red curry with my favorite... duck.

                  I prefer to make kaeng khiaowan (green curry chicken) at home.

                3. You can't get any more interesting than Kalachandji's, although totally vegetarian. They open back up the Monday after New Years.

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                  1. re: sike101

                    Your words were exactly what I would have written! Can't find a vegie place any more unique ... and probably hard to find significantly better vegie food than Kalachandji's
                    5430 Gurley Av, Dallas (print a map ... lotsa 1-way streets in the area
                    Non-Holiday Hrs: T-F 1130-14 & 1730-21 / Sa 12-15, 1730-21 / Su 1730-21
                    Someone else's previous recommendation:
                    Where to Sit: A cove elevated above the courtyard provides a romantic view of the peaceful surroundings.
                    The tamarind iced tea is sweet and refreshing.

                  2. I've had really good roast chicken at Park but I've also heard from reliable sources that it's come out both under and overcooked. It was kind of sceney last time I was there, if your friend is into that.

                    Also had a really popular chicken dish at Royal Sichuan...I think they called it Hunan Chicken although it's not what you'd expect. Dark meat iirc, lightly breaded & friend, served dry with peppers.