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Dec 22, 2009 06:56 AM

Help with Galette, please

I would like to make Deborah Madison's Winter Squash Galette. Problem is, I am really not good at making/rolling out dough. Is there something I can buy (puff pastry?) that I can use instead of making the galette myself? Whenever I have tried to make dough, especially the rolling-out part, it fails.
PLEASE do not tell me how easy it is to make a galette. I really am looking for store-bought alternatives.

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  1. Sure, you can buy puff pastry and/or refrigerated pie dough (i.e Pillsbury etc) to use instead

    1. This is curious -- I found both piecrust and yeast dough versions of her recipe.

      Here Madison uses piecrust, so you might want to do, as well. Hers is all butter, but I don't know if butter piecrust dough is readily available:


      And here, she uses a yeast dough, so you might want to do, as well:

      Either way -- It can be difficult to move an unbaked galette, so be sure to place the pastry on the baking sheet BEFORE filling it. A piece of parchment under the dough is also helpful.

      Good luck! It looks like a delicious filling, with the combo of butternut squash, sage, and Parm.

      1. Thanks for your replies. I'm gathering up the courage to make the galette as Deborah describes. Channa, I have the actual book Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone, and the recipe in the books says "Yeasted tart dough or Galette dough."
        Hope this works out!!!