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Dec 22, 2009 06:03 AM

Exceptional dinner near Wellfleet

NYC Chowhounder needs a great rec for gift certificate for sister-in-law who lives in Wellfleet, MA area.


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  1. I recommend the Bramble Inn in Brewster. It's a special occasion type of place.

    Bramble Inn & Restaurant
    Route 6A, Brewster, MA 02631

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    1. re: Rick_V

      The best gift certificate I could give would be to Finely JP's in Wellfleet. The food is consistently good and you get alot for your money as the prices are very reasonable.

    2. Our fave Wellfleet spot is the Wicked Oyster

        1. re: wongadon

          28 Atlantic at the Wequasett or Mews on P Town? Bramble Inn has odd rooms which can be LOUD as we found out if you are a deuce sitting next to a 6 top table. The food was amazing..the hostess ruined our night with her horrid attitude..she did apologize later but it still ruined our night. I think they have a for sale sign up last I drove by..

        2. Brewster isn't really an easy drive from Wellfleet.

          I'd would give them a gift certificate for The Pearl.

          1. How about Winslow's Tavern right in the center of Welfleet. I think they are seasonal only, but really lovely setting and great food.....Live jazz on weekends too!