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Dec 22, 2009 05:48 AM

Chop Touhy Restaurant

Has anyone heard any updates on the opening date for Chop Touhy restaurant in Chicago?
Although their signage has been up for a few weeks, there is no information about them on the CRC website or

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  1. Chop Touhy - oy what a name - where on Touhy is it?

    It won't show up on Shamash until someone puts in it in there - hint hint

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        1. re: weinstein5

          I won't put anything on Shamash unless I try it first:) What if it's terrible?
          Although it would be nice to have a good Chinese place that is sit down as well. If they are smart, maybe they'll add a sushi bar too for variety and some healthy competition:) Can't wait to try it.

          1. re: lenchik

            I agree it will be nice to have a sit down chinese - I hope it does not hurt Tein Li one of my favorites- I will add a new shamash but I agree I will not post a review until I have eaten there -

            1. re: weinstein5

              I could do without another sushi place...if Shallots is going to open their second place with sushi we'll suddenly get saturated. I would love to see thai food in addition to the Chinese...

              1. re: Pluckyduk8

                I agree Thai would be good - I did not hear that Shallots is open a second place - Where at?

                1. re: weinstein5

                  The old Don's Fishmarket space on Skokie Blvd.

                  1. re: ferret

                    Who knows when that is even going to happen - they were supposed to be done in the fall and it's still nowhere in site. Plus if their prices are going to be as high as everything else they have, then I don't know how often I'll be visiting. Ok, Chop Touhy people, you better tell us when you are opening and stop with the suspense! No need to put up signs if you are not ready for business!
                    Oh, and Thai food would be great, together with Indian and sushi. That's what we had in Miami at Thai Treat restaurant, it was great and our whole group had a choice of what to have so we didn't have to fight over where to go - everything was in one place and yummy:)

                    1. re: lenchik

                      I understand that it will be a month or two, maybe even longer.

                      1. re: chicago maven

                        Any updates on when they are opening?

    1. They are scheduled to open sometime next week.

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          1. re: ferret

            Does anyone know if it is going to be the same manager/creator of Taami or is it somebody different?

            1. re: Pluckyduk8

              I believe it's the same owners as Main pizza.

              1. re: lenchik

                I know that Main owns the building...I guess what I am wondering is who is going to make the menu/develop the food because Taami was not very good.

            2. re: ferret

              at least when Ronnie's in Skokie did that they had a Chol HaMoed menu -

        1. Rumor has it, Chop Touhy opened last night.

          1. The original comment has been removed
            1. anyone else eat there? Do they have a website where we can see the menu? That would be lovely for those of us who need to order out before Pesach :)

              1. re: chopchop123

                I just saw it on the crc website. Looks great and reasonably priced.

              2. Has anyone been there lately? I was there last night and I was VERY disappointed. The service was good, the food looked great and the portions were generous, but the food was tasteless at best. Are my tastebuds gone or have others had the same experience?

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                1. re: chicago maven

                  We decided to wait until they have been around for about 2 months prior to visiting so I can't say too much. But I have heard very mixed reviews from people so it is hard to say. The biggest complaint though is that the food is extremely bland.

                  1. re: lenchik

                    That was my exact experience. We ordered several different dishes but they all tasted the same, no taste at all!

                    1. re: chicago maven

                      That is a shame - I enjoy Tein Li Chow but wanted something to mix up the rotation in Chinese food -

                      1. re: weinstein5

                        Well, I don't know if it matters to wait or not, but we decided to skip our usual prejudices and just give Chop Touhy a try. Where to begin...
                        I will begin with the good:
                        a. it is within walking distance from our house
                        b. it's pretty clean
                        c. the young men at the sub counter located at the front of the restaurant are friendly
                        That's about it.
                        First of all, when we arrived (we being myself, husband and 3-year old), no sign had pointed us to whether we should wait to be seated or if we should just find an empty table. Considering the commotion at the sub counter located at the front of the restaurant, that would have been quite helpful. After about 5 minutes of just standing there and nobody paying any attention to us, I just walked to the back of the restaurant where the register is located and asked if we should just take a seat. I did NOT receive any kind of acknowledgment so I just took a seat at the nearest empty table and had my family join me.
                        We did not have to wait very long for the waitress and I have no major comments about the waitress in particular, but I do have a few regarding service in general as it involved a number of people. The service was non-existent. Even though we were 3 diners, we had only received 2 sets of silverware - apparently 3-year olds are not entitled to forks. Nobody had approached us at any point in our meal to refill our water and nobody bothered to ask how the food was (that was probably wise of them, but I will get to that part in a minute).
                        The last straw in the non-existent service was when we had received our bill. My husband placed our credit card inside the bill folder and asked one of the waitresses passing by if she could take it up to the counter as there was no sign of our server. The response he received: "The counter is right there, please take it up yourself". I was in such shock from this response that it took me several minutes to digest it.
                        Now on to the food. I wish I could say that the food was bad. I can't even say that because the food literally tasted like nothing. It was just like chewing nothing. I don't know how to describe this feeling but that is exactly how I felt. I ordered Orange Chicken and my husband ordered Moo Goo beef and they both tasted pretty much the same. We had also ordered the Fried Chicken Wontons, when we had received them we thought that it was the wrong appetizer as they looked exactly like Crab Rangoons, but then, when we tasted them, we discovered that they were in fact Fried Chicken Wontons although about 1/.10th of the wonton contained chicken.
                        To summarize, this was by far one of the most disappointing meals I have had in a kosher establishment. Highly doubt that there will be any improvements, which is a huge shame. We may consider trying their subs at some point, however, we are definitely finished with their Chinese food.

                        1. re: lenchik

                          I guess Tein Li Chow has nothing to worry about -

                          1. re: lenchik

                            Boy! And I thought that I had a bad experience. At least now I know that it was not my taste buds that were on the blink. I totally agree with you, EVERYTHING tasted the same, which might not be so bad but there was NO taste! I was really excited to have this addition to the kosher scene in Chicago; now it's just another disappointment.

                            1. re: chicago maven

                              The last posting that I saw here was a couple of months ago.

                              I personally know the owner from Main Street Pizza and now Chop Touhy.

                              Main Street catered a party for me and the food was fantastic and I let the management know it.

                              I also let them know that around the same time I had a meal from Chop Touhy that was absolutely miserable.

                              I was assured that by the middle of May that they had heard LOUD AND CLEAR about the complaints here and around town and things had vastly improved.

                              I wish that they had been more accommodating another than saying our food is now better, I felt my miserable $70 meal in April was a complete waste.

                              My family reluctantly gave them another chance about a week ago, and sure enough, everything was very good.

                              I now plan to visit them another time and invite others to give them one more chance, as everyone deserves a second chance.

                              1. re: jk7295

                                Thanks for the update. I too was hesitant to go back but if they have made improvements, they do indeed deserve a second chance.