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Dec 22, 2009 05:36 AM

Five Days in Vancouver/Squamish!

Hello everyone!
I'm a chowhounder from Toronto that will be coming to Vancouver and Squamish around New Year's. I'm really excited, I've never made it out west before. As excited as I am to see the mountains, ocean and temperate rainforests, my most burning questions is "where to eat?!"

Where are some favourite Chow spots? I'm on a pretty tight budget, so recommendations for sushi, great ethnic cuisine, breakfast joints and maybe ONE place to splash out a little for a nice dinner would be amazing.

Thanks in advance for any reco's!

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  1. My favourite nice dinner place right now is Market by Jean Georges Vongrichten in the Shangri-la hotel. The service and food in the fine dining area is excellent. The room is also quite fabulous. I was also going to rec Cioppino's but it''s Italian and I bet you have some great Italian in TO.

    Ethnic-I would hit the izakaya's as I don't think TO has them? My fave is Hapa Izakaya and the Guu in gastown.

    For breakfast on a budget I like Scuie which is a Roman style pizza bar with more (sandwiches, savoury breakfast items, and pastries)

    PS these are all in Vancouver...

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      The Vancouver question is covered here weekly so I'll leave that.

      This is my favourite in Squamish a classic little Bakery/Cafe

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        If you're considering Market and on a budget, go for their 3 course lunch for $29.

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          Thanks for the recommendations, guys. I'll be staying in Squamish for the most part, so I'm sure I will be visiting Sunflower Cafe. We will spending some time in Vancouver, so I'm really excited to try some food.
          We really don't have izakayas in toronto, so that sounds like a lot of fun to check out. Market's prix fixe sounds really perfect, I just had a look at the menu. It seems to include 2 plates + a dessert, I'm guessing that would be mean one of their raw, appetizer or soup/salad menus and then a meat or fish.

          What do you recommend from Market?

          1. re: mia_wallace

            Market's lunch prix fixe is actually quite flexible so if you wanted to, you could order two "mains" and a dessert.

            Their pizza with black truffles, if it's still on the menu, has been on lists of top things to eat in Vancouver.

            1. re: mia_wallace

              The crab fritters are an excellent first course, the clam chowder is also very good-I haven't had it myself but the friends I dined with really enjoyed it. My husband had the calamari and really liked his dish. I had the arctic char as my entree and thought it was fantastic. It was placed on a bed of pomme puree and garnished with brussel sprout leaves. Delicious! My husband had the seared sirloin with caramel sauce. He was apprehensive about the caramel so they put it on the side and insisted he try it instead of not having it at all-he loved the combination and his dish. Our friends ordered the chicken and lamb and also thought it was really good. We have dined at this restaurant 3 times previous with different menu items and not once have we or the friends we dined with been disappointed with any of the dishes brought to our table. The flavours are fresh and exciting and the service is impeccable. I have never had lunch at market only dinner so hopefully that doesn't make a difference. If they have his signature warm chocolate cake on menu you must try it as his is the original version and really is the best I have ever had:).